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Have you done all you can to get more Instagram followers, yet you’re still not satisfied with the state of your IG? It might be time to fine-tune your Instagram marketing strategy and learn to use an Instagram followers app to boost your following count.

Gaining organic followers on Instagram can be a hassle. In addition to knowing how to get more followers on Instagram organically and the right way, it takes precise planning and dedication to build a large audience. You must focus on the fundamentals of Instagram growth, like adding the top Instagram hashtags, developing a compelling profile, and scheduling posts. Perhaps one of the most excellent ways to increase followers is to use safe Instagram Growth Services.

Indeed, using apps like AiGrow to boost your Instagram followers is a good approach to building your account.

Now, stay tuned to read all you need to know about the Instagram followers app.

What’s an Instagram Followers App?

An Instagram followers app is an online application or service that provides users with various features needed to grow an IG account. Indeed, some are simply fake Instagram followers apps, but there are a few real ones out there guaranteeing organic Instagram growth and follower gain.

28 Top Instagram Followers Apps 

This article will go over the details of 25 Instagram follower apps and review their features. Let’s jump in and get to the fun stuff!

And just in case you don’t have time to read through all the stuff, click here to begin your exciting journey and experience a new level of Instagram growth.

Instagram Followers App #1: AiGrow


AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram management suite and growth service. So it’s obvious AiGrow is more than a simple Instagram followers app. It’s an all-encompassing organic growth service also known as the best app to get Instagram followers for free.

Ranking first on our list of the top follow apps for Instagram, AiGrow helps accounts gain real, organic Instagram followers. With this IG growth tool, you can get a minimum of 300 followers/month, and with scaled growth activities, up to 1000 Instagram followers per month. This service even includes a dedicated Instagram account manager to help guide and scale growth efforts.

Your account manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day growth activities AiGrow performs to grow your following. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll specify targets using the built-in AI growth engine. You can set these targets based on multiple hashtags, locations, competitors, and business categories. Then one of AiGrow’s account managers will contact you to review your goals and targets. Once this is complete, they’ll begin generating daily growth activities to help grow your Instagram followers.

The best part? All of these features and a lot more are 100% free. Even if you purchase one of their packages and don’t get the expected results, you can ask for a full refund.

AiGrow Features

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the fantastic features of AiGrow.

AiGrow Features: The Best Instagram Followers App in 2021
AiGrow Features.

So should you pay to get started? Absolutely not. As we’ve already mentioned, AiGrow is 100% free to use. Even if you purchase one of their packages and don’t see the expected results, you can ask for a full refund.

Instagram Followers App #2: AiSchedul


AiSchedul is genuinely one of the most fantastic Instagram management tools. It is incredibly effective in managing your Instagram account, whether you’re a social media marketer or a business owner trying to grow your brand on IG. AiSchedul isn’t exactly considered an Instagram followers app. However, it does play a profound role in increasing your Instagram engagement rate and subsequently growing your followers in hundreds and thousands. 

Besides, using AiSchedul, you get a professional Instagram manager that can handle every aspect of your growth according to Instagram terms of use. And the good news is that they offer a 7-day free trial for all users regardless of their purpose!

Impressed?! Now, let’s see what exceptional features AiSchedul offers that make it one of the best to help you get Instagram followers for free. 

AiSchedul Features:

  • Manage multiple accounts(up to 80 accounts)
  • Schedule your posts, stories, and reels months in advance
  • Publish posts and stories simultaneously
  • Receive suggestions for creative Instagram posts
  • Analyze your account’s performance and engagement rate
  • Receive tips for top Instagram hashtags
  • Analyze the trending content
  • Repost anything from anywhere
  • Analyze the trending hashtags
  • Host automatic contests and giveaways and have the winners selected
  • Make call-to-action buttons by creating external links
  • Monitor all your accounts from one single platform from any convenient device with any operating system(iOS, Android OS, MacOs….)
Instagram Followers App Aischedul
AiSchedul features

It’s pretty convenient, right? AiSchedul is a comprehensive platform that can help you get your first 10K followers on Instagram and improve upon it. But, its function is not limited to that. Your account manager will expertly manage and schedule your content for you in a way that will bring about the best results. 

Do you want to gain followers and climb up the metaphorical ladder of social media success? Try AiSchedul for seven days for free, and see how it goes! You can sign up right here!

Instagram Followers App #3: Followers – Tracker Insight

Instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

Followers – Tracker Insight is a fantastic Instagram followers app, whether you’re a business owner or just a social media user. Using this app, you get a fantastic IG tracker tool to monitor all your followers. That is, you will be given a list of all your new followers, lost followers, likers, those who are not following you back, all ghost followers, and even deleted comments. 

The features don’t stop here. They also provide you with a list of your posts that drove the most Instagram engagement from your audience. Therefore, if you’re searching for an app to track your followers, as well as show you what kind of content works, go for Follower-Tracker Insight. 


  • They analyze your posts’ performance.
  • Plus, you can easily track your followers.


  • This app is just iOS-compatible. 
  • You need to buy subscriptions. 
  • Unlike AiGrow, if you’re not happy with the services, you can’t cancel the subscription and demand a refund. 

Instagram Followers App #4: Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers
Instagram followers app

Followers & Unfollowers is among the best Instagram followers apps. You can’t buy followers on Instagram with this app, but you can monitor your followers and decide who gets to see your content. This way, you can effectively double your engagement rate on Instagram


  • It shows your Instagram insights.
  • You can ‘star’ people so that they won’t be accidentally removed. 
  • Plus, you can unfollow 50 individuals at a time. 


  • It is only available as a mobile application.

Instagram Followers App #5: Socialfollow®

Instagram followers app

Socialfollow is another platform that allows you to gain free followers on the Instagram app. They claim to do this for free and safely since they do not ask for your password. And, they claim they will enable you to gain ten real followers every day. It might be a slow process, but considering they have no access to your password and that they promise free services with real followers, it’s worth your time. So, if you want to get free followers on the Instagram app, you can look at the pros and cons and some of the reviews before you make your decision.


  • No password is required.
  • It is entirely free. 
  • They also promise real followers.


  • You can only gain 300 followers in a month.
  • Unlike AiSchedul, they don’t offer any management tools or analytics.

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Instagram Followers App #6: CCSoft+ Followers Tool for Instagram

instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

This Android-compatible Instagram followers app is one of the best free Instagram followers apps on the market. They allow you to monitor your lost followers, new followers, blockers, and more. This application doesn’t allow you to buy followers on the Instagram app or manage your account, but rather it gives you an overview of your inactive followers or blockers. 


  • It allows you to monitor your followers consistently.
  • It is free with no in-app purchases.


  • It’s only available on Android. 
  • It doesn’t feature management tools.

Instagram Followers App #7: FollowMeter for Instagram

Instagram followers app

FollowMeter is another followers app for Instagram. And, it comes with a new set of features that might make it a more desirable option. Alongside their features on allowing you to track your unfollowers, they also offer features for tracking your engagement rate. So, if you want a free Instagram followers app, FollowMeter is a valid option.


  • You can track your unfollowers, likers, blockers, and ghost followers.
  • You can also track your accounts engagement.


  • Most of these Instagram followers app features are included if you make in-app purchases. 

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Instagram Followers App #8: Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery
Instagram followers app

Followers Gallery is another one of the best Instagram Followers applications out there. It protects your privacy and guarantees your safety while using the app. You can earn coins by doing different tasks on the application, such as liking others’ posts. However, none of the activities include following other users. You even get coins by Introducing Followers Gallery to others. 


  • It protects your safety.
  • It has a high User Rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • You don’t have to follow others to get followers.


  • The followers you gain won’t be in your niche.

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Instagram Followers App #9: Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer
Instagram followers app

If you wish to get an Instagram followers app to figure out who your likers and followers are, get Follow Analyzer! And you can also apply these features to your friends’ accounts to see their top likers and commenters. 


  • You can analyze your followers’ activity on your page conveniently. 
  • View this information for others’ accounts.
  • It’s easy and convenient to use.
  • There are no intrusive ads.


  • There are reports from users who were limited on Instagram because of using this app.
  •  It takes too long for the application to load. 
  • The statistics are not always accurate.

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Instagram Followers App #10: Unfollowers & Ghost Followers 

Instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

With a rating of 4.2 / 5, this is among the most fabulous Instagram followers apps. As the name suggests, it doesn’t help you get followers on the Instagram app but instead allows you to see who are the ghost followers or who has unfollowed you.


  • You get to follow/unfollow directly from the app.
  • You get to use their features for multiple accounts for free.


  • There are too many ads that might be annoying. 
  • Some users have faced problems logging in.

Instagram Followers App #11: Viewer & Analyzer

Instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

This free Instagram followers app is excellent when it comes to finding out your unfollowers and analyzing your account. It does these two jobs perfectly well, but you do have to pay for a subscription.


  • You get to track your followers and unfollowers.
  • Track your Instagram performance and engagement is made possible
  • Plus, you get recommendations on the best time to post on Instagram.


  • You get  3-7 days of a free trial, but you also need to choose a subscription plan.
  • There are some reports of this app crashing.

Instagram Followers App #12: Crowdfire

Instagram followers app

Crowdfire is another Instagram followers app. This application also enables you to find out about your unfollowers and followers. But, it sports more features so that you are informed of your Instagram engagement rate and trending Instagram post ideas and hashtags. 


  • You get to schedule your posts using this app.
  • They will provide you with tips and recommendations on new content ideas.


  • This app is not entirely free. You will be charged annually or monthly.

Instagram Followers App #13: Organic Followers for Instagram

organic followers
Instagram followers app

Organic Followers promises what the name suggests! This application won’t buy followers for you on the Instagram app. But, you will be able to get free Instagram followers with this app because it will automatically follow users who seem to work in your niche or those who are interested.


  • This app manages unfollowers.
  • Because it will automatically follow interested users, you get real organic followers.


  • It’s not for free, and you need to pay to gain full access to all features.

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Instagram Followers App #14: Followers Insight for Instagram

followers insight
Instagram followers app

Followers Insight is another Instagram followers app designed to help users receive a complete analysis of their Instagram accounts info. Besides, you get to find your unfollowers and inactive followers. 


  • The user interface is simple.
  • You get all the features for free. 


  • You might have difficulty logging in. 
  • It is only compatible with Android OS.

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Instagram Followers App #15: InsTrack

Instagram followers app

On Instagram, you can get more followers with this app. And, its features and tools are not limited to Instagram management, but also they help with your Facebook account. That is, you can free two birds with one key!


  • The application monitors your account’s performance and engagement.
  • You get to manage multiple accounts.
  • They will provide recommendations for improvement.


  • This application is not free.
  • You need to have a business account to use the features. 

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Instagram Followers App #16: Real Followers & Likes for Instagram 2022

This might not be the best app to get Instagram followers for free. However, it’s another option to gain free followers on Instagram with an app. It actually offers features to make posters that are engaging and interesting. And so, by helping you create engaging content, they have a direct impact on your follower count.


  • They offer hashtag and caption suggestions. 
  • It’s free but also offers in-app purchases.


  • Some users struggle with the application’s bugs. 

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Instagram Followers App #17: Insights+ IG Follower Reports

Instagram followers app

If you still want some help on your path to get free followers on the Instagram app, you might want to try this application. It offers a detailed list of all who follow you, like your posts or unfollow you. You can unfollow straight from the app and make room for authentic followers and an interested audience.


  • The user interface is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • It gives you detailed information about your posts’ engagement.


  • It is only available on iOS.
  • For accessing all features, you need to purchase the pro version. 

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Instagram Followers App #18: nFollowers

Instagram followers app

nFollowers is another Instagram followers app. nFollowers provides you with detailed analytics on who has unfollowed/followed you or is not following you back. In short, it will help you manage your following and followers lists more efficiently.


  • It’s a high-ranking application with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the App Store.
  • It provides accurate analytics


  • There is the risk of having your Instagram account banned
  • It needs your Instagram password to log in.

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Instagram Followers App #19: FollowInsta: Likes & Followers Trends for Instagram

insatgram followers app
Instagram followers app

FollowInsta app is also regarded as an Instagram followers app. This application is available on Android 5.0 or later and can be found on Google Play. FollowInsta claims that it can help you increase real followers for free every 12 hours. Moreover, FollowInsta acts as an Instagram followers tracker. So, all in all, using this app, you can get free followers on the Instagram app.


  • It’s a straightforward app.
  • They present reliable statistics to optimize your account.


  • You have to earn coins to increase your followers.
  • The followers are not in your niche and may unfollow you after a while.
  • It’s only available on Android.

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Instagram Followers App #20: Instazood

Instagram followers app

Instazood is an Instagram automation app or bot that will automatically follow, like, comment, and view story activities to gain followers. In addition to the Instagram bot, Instazood also has a TikTok bot. In order to get free followers, this automation Instagram followers might help even though it’s not a safe option.


  • There’s no need to download it.
  • The app is mobile-friendly.
  • You get complete control of the auto follower.


  • Instagram might block your page.
  • Instazood doesn’t guarantee follower growth.
  • It’s not an ideal app to get followers on Instagram without following.

Instagram Followers App #21: Reports + for Instagram

Instagram followers app

Reports + for Instagram is also one of the best tracking Instagram followers analytics apps around. Using Reports+ for Instagram, you can discover your new unfollowers and blockers. Besides, you will get valuable analytics of your engagements to optimize your posts based on the statistics. 


  • It’s fast and accurate.
  • It has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • You receive reliable insights.


  • It doesn’t offer steady support.
  • There are many annoying ads.

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Instagram Followers App #22: Combin

Instagram followers app

Combin is another Instagram follower app to find, analyze, engage, and grow your audience. This platform also features an Instagram scheduler that can help you with the content planning.


  • It targets real followers.
  • You can schedule to unfollow.
  • You can also have a Safelist on the platform, which is a list of followers you do not want to unfollow.


  • Unlike AiSchedul, they won’t offer a full refund.

Instagram Followers App #23: 5000 Followers Pro Instagram

Instagram followers app
Instagram followers app

Next on our list is 5000 Followers Pro Instagram, another followers trader app. It’s one of the best follower apps if you only care about numbers, but the biggest problem with all free followers apps is that your followers will decrease when you reach the Instagram follow limit. It can be a waste of time, and you run the risk of getting banned by Instagram.


  • The application is free to download. 
  • It is not complicated.


  • You have to follow others to increase your followers.
  • You might gain fake, inactive followers.
  • After a while, you will lose your followers on Instagram.
  • Unfortunately, the app is only designed for growing followers, not engagement.

Instagram Followers App #24: Famoid

Instagram followers app Famoid
Instagram followers app

As is evident, it’s better to grow real followers organically. But, if you wish to buy followers on Instagram with an app, you should know what options are out there.

Right now, Famoid is the best choice if you are looking for an app to buy Instagram followers. They also have likes and views packages. At least, Famoid knows that a quick increase in followers will lead to Instagram banning an account.

Instagram Followers App #25: AI Get Followers & Boost Likes

instagram followers app
AI Get Followers & Boost Likes

If you’re looking for a safe Instagram followers app, you can count on this one. This tool helps you find the perfect hashtags in different categories. So, you can select a category based on your content and purpose, and the app will get you the best hashtags to boost follows and likes.

Although it is not the best app to get followers for free, at least it is perfectly safe. You don’t need to share your password, and it won’t make you buy Instagram followers so this app can work perfectly for those who don’t want to risk anything!


  • There are several categories to choose from.
  • You can save collections and use them later.
  • Plus, it is a free Instagram followers app but offers in-app purchases.


  • You have to sift through the relevant hashtags manually. 
  • In the free version, the ads can be annoying. 
  • It is not compatible with Android, only with iOS 12.0 or later.

Instagram Followers App #26: Followers Chief 

followers chief intsagram followers app
followers chief

If you’re looking to buy Instagram followers with an app, Followers Chief can be a reasonable choice. It offers auto likes, DMs, comments, story views, followers, and anything under the sun. 

Followers Chief also allows you to see who unfollowed you and enables mass unfollowing for unfollowers and ghost followers. It is generally convenient to use but bear in mind that the automation tools might be fake followers apps that can’t bring organic growth. 


  • It gets you more likes, comments, views, or followers.
  • Plus, you can unfollow Instagrammers in bulk.


  • It’s an Instagram followers app for Android alone. 
  • It uses automation for every action.

Instagram Followers App #27: Squarelovin

Squarelovin followers app

Squarelovin is a marketing suite with several solutions for your Instagram. If you run a business Instagram profile and want to promote your brand, this tool will work best. 

This top followers app emphasizes the power of visuals. In short, it aims to grow your audience through user-generated content, providing detailed analytics, and turning user-generated content into shoppable posts. 


  • Their focus is on visuals and user-generated content.
  • It offers analytics to help you see where you are.


  • It’s only suitable for businesses and brands. 

Instagram Followers App #28:

Instagram Followers app for analytics

With this tool, you may not get followers on the Instagram app as it doesn’t directly affect your follower count, but it surely helps you grow. offers fundamental analytics for your Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. 

Seeing all the data in a straightforward, well-designed dashboard helps you understand everything fully. So, you can see what you need and how you can grow effectively. 

Pros & cons: 

  • It offers various analytics for different platforms in different areas, but it only provides analytics!


To sum things up, we suggest you avoid relying on Instagram automation tools and fake followers to grow your account. It’s risky, often ineffective, and even dangerous. Why? Because the Instagram algorithm today is way smarter than before and will penalize accounts relying on automation services. For real, organic Instagram follower growth, it’s best to stick with the basics and scale your efforts using a safe, reliable Instagram followers app and growth service. Organic efforts always take time and dedication to produce results, but the results are worth it. So sign up for the best Instagram followers app today; sign up for  AiGrow, or AiSchedul today to start growing your account.

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