How to Mass Delete Instagram Posts in 2022 [On All Devices]

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Wondering how to mass delete Instagram posts? Or looking for a tool to clean up your IG account but don’t know how to delete all Instagram posts? Keep calm as we’ve got the best solution for you.

Indeed, the Instagram platform doesn’t have a built-in feature that allows users to mass delete Instagram posts or DMs. And this inability to mass delete Instagram posts is indeed one of the significant downsides of Instagram. But thanks to the Instagram post deleter we’ve discovered, any user can get rid of old content with one click and start getting more Instagram followers!

There may come a time when you might feel your Instagram account needs a fresh start. And your decision may be due to many reasons.

Perhaps you crave to stop losing your followers on Instagram because of old, outdated content. In such times, deleting your posts one by one is time-consuming, tedious work.

Of course, if your posts are limited to a small count, then deleting every photo or video from your account is quick and easy. 

But if you’re an Instagram influencer or using an Instagram business profile, how can you mass delete Instagram posts when there are more than 100 posts? Let’s jump in to learn how to mass delete Instagram posts in 5 simple steps and get rid of many posts in just one click.

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How to Delete All Instagram Posts (Mass Delete Instagram Posts)

As mentioned earlier, using the official Instagram app, you can only delete Instagram posts one by one. In other words, you can’t conveniently mass delete IG posts with the app. So, let’s address your real pain point. You have hundreds of photos, and deleting all of them one by one is a complete waste of time and energy. Deleting one picture out of multiple Instagram posts is also a huge pain in the neck! So, what to do instead? Is it possible to learn how to mass delete posts on Instagram? The answer is a big yes!

The solution is to use a trusted, robust Instagram post deleter for your PC, iPhone, or other devices. This mass Instagram post deleter lets you remove a few selected posts or delete Instagram posts in bulk in one click. Moreover, you are allowed to delete any number of posts on PC, online, or on any other device. What makes for another amazing feature on AiGrow is that you can also delete an Instagram post automatically after publishing it through the scheduler tools.

This is as significant as knowing how to delete all posts on Instagram since it might come in really handy when you want to share a temporary post on your Instagram page.

Mass Delete Instagram Posts Using  AiGrow’s Instagram Post Deleter

So, let’s go through the instruction on how to delete posts on Instagram with this amazing Instagram post deleter:

  1. Create a free account at AiGrow and connect your Instagram page by following the on-screen prompts.
  2. Now, click on ‘Manage‘ in the dashboard and select the ‘Bulk Delete Posts‘ tab.
  1. Click on the red ‘Delete’ button below each post for single post deleting.
  2. To delete multiple posts on Instagram, select them, and when ready, click on the red ‘Delete Selected Posts‘ button.
  3. To mass delete Instagram posts shown on the screen, press the blue ‘Select All Posts‘ button and hit the red ‘Delete Selected Posts‘ button.
AiGrow, the best Instagram post deleter, allows you to mass delete Instagram posts. quickly
AiGrow’s Mass Delete Posts Feature.

And that’s how simple it is to mass delete Instagram posts in one click with this convenient Instagram post deleter. And, since this Instagram post deleter is fully compatible with all types of devices, you can instantly set it up and start mass deleting for Instagram iOS, Android, PC, or laptop. So, why not check it out and give it a try?

How to Delete All Instagram Posts on Your Phone

If you wish to know how to quickly delete Instagram posts with your phone, just follow the steps. 

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Then, click on the profile icon to the far right of the navigation bar. 
  • Select the photo you want to view
  • Now, choose the three dots on the top right corner of the display. 
  • Next, tap on ‘Delete‘ then confirm your choice on the next on-screen prompt.
Delete an Instagram Post
How to Delete an Instagram Post Using the App.

However, if you wish to view deleted Instagram posts and recover, this method won’t work. In other words, this method can only answer your question about how to delete a post on Instagram, not multiple posts at the same time. In the following section of this article, we’ll introduce some mass Instagram post deleters that include the function to mass delete Instagram posts when using a phone.

1- How to Delete All Instagram Posts On iOS

If you want to know how to mass delete Instagram posts while still retaining your account, you’ll have to turn to a third-party app. On iOS, we recommend InstaClean. This Instagram post deleter is an easy-to-use app that enables you to delete multiple photos in one quick action.

Mass delete Instagram posts using InstaClean.
How to Mass Delete Instagram Posts with InstaClean.

To delete the photos, select posts and tap on the images you want to delete.

2- How to Delete All Instagram Posts on Android

On Android, the choices aren’t as good as on iOS, unless you trust AiGrow with the task. However, we have also worked with Instant Cleaner for Instagram. This Instagram post deleter allows you to delete five photos simultaneously. The catch is that it requires a paid upgrade to delete more than five posts. Deleting posts on Android follows the same pattern as iOS.

Mass delete Instagram posts on android
Instant Cleaner for Instagram

To delete your posts altogether, tap on each image you want to be deleted, then tap ‘Delete.’ 

How to Mass Delete Instagram Posts on a Computer

What if you are browsing Instagram on your computer? What Instagram post deleter is there to help you mass delete Instagram posts on PC? Well, there’s still the option to delete an Instagram post from your computer.

  • On your browser, Open dev tools (by pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+J)
  • Press the ‘Toggle device toolbar’ button in the top-left corner (or press Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • Go to your photo (Refresh the Page) Press the […] button. The delete option is available now as long as you keep the dev tools visible
How to mass delete Instagram posts using a computer.
How to Mass Delete Instagram Posts on a Computer.

As you can see, in this method, you can only delete posts one by one. If you want to mass delete Instagram posts on a computer, we suggest signing up on AiGrow and its Instagram post deleter feature.

How to Delete the Entire Posts History from Instagram

You can also delete your account to strip your entire post history from Instagram as a final step. To delete your account:

  1. Log in to the Instagram website using your computer.
  2. Then head to the URL found on the Instagram support pages.
  3. Select a reason for deleting your account.
  4. Enter your password in the space provided.
  5. Hit the red ‘Permanently delete my account’ button.

How to Hide All Instagram Photos at Once

If you don’t want to change your profile drastically, you can temporarily disable your account to hide all your Instagram posts. To temporarily disable your account:

  1. Go into your account settings from the profile page.
  2. Specify why you wish to disable your account.
  3. Re-enter your password in the provided space
  4. Click on the blue ‘Temporarily Disable Account‘ button.

How to Delete Saved Posts on Instagram

A very practical feature of Instagram is that its users can save the posts they like on the platform itself to watch later on. However, sometimes this feature might be a bit troublesome as you may be saving too many posts without even realizing. 

Therefore, learning how to delete these posts is as important as learning how to delete all Instagram posts. Take a look at the steps below to learn how:

  1. Open your IG app and navigate to your profile. 
  2. Tap on the three lines/dots on the upper right corner.
  3. Tap on ‘Saved’, and select a collection.
  4. Tap on three dots and click on ‘Edit Collection’. 
  5. Now, by choosing ‘Delete Collection’ you can delete all the posts saved there. 

Pro Tip: If you’re wondering how to delete all saved posts on Instagram, you can simply follow the same steps mentioned above. Then, delete all the collections one by one. That way, you will have no saved posts any more. 

How to delete saved posts on Instagram
How to Delete Saved Posts on Instagram

How to Mass Delete Saved Posts on Instagram

As expected, there’s a way for you to mass delete these posts using the original Instagram app. However, you may do this using some extra tools. 

In the previous sections, we explained how you need to use an Instagram post deleter or a powerful, reliable tool such as AiGrow to help you in case you need to delete multiple Instagram posts. 

Likewise, you need a little help with deleting IG saved posts. To do this, we suggest you use ‘Unsaver for Instagram’. With this Chrome extension, you may keep the posts you are still interested in, and unsave the rest of them in an instance!

How to mass delete saved posts on Instagram
Unsaver for Instagram

How to Delete Instagram Messages 

This article is supposed to cover Instagram post deleter applications and platforms. However, since deleting Instagram messages from both sides is also a very common problem, we decided to turn our attention to it for a short while. 

If you wish to delete one DM from both sides, all you need to do is tap and hold the message until some options appear. Now, you can pick the ‘Unsend message’ option and the message will be deleted for you and the recipient.

If you need a reliable platform for sending DMs in great numbers, deleting them, or generally managing Instagram messages, you can safely try DMPro

FAQs on How to Quickly Delete All Instagram Posts

So far, we’ve tried to cover all your questions about how to delete Instagram posts in bulk. Now, let’s get into more of your questions!

1- How to Delete Carousel Post on Instagram?

Once you learn how to delete multiple posts on Instagram, removing several carousel posts is no big deal. You can use AiGrow to delete multiple Instagram posts, whether they are carousels, videos, or one-slide photos! Even removing one picture out of multiple is made easy with this platform!

However, if you’d like to learn how to manually delete one picture out of multiple on IG, just follow the instructions below:

  • First, open the carousel post.
  • Then, from the three horizontal dots in the top right corner, select the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Now, swipe till you find the picture you want to remove and tap on the trash icon in the top left corner.
  • Once you confirm your decision, it’s over!

2- How to Delete Instagram Photos in Bulk?

If you’re wondering whether deleting photos differs from deleting videos, allow me to assure you that it doesn’t! once you know how to delete multiple Instagram posts at once, then you can use it for your pictures or your videos; it makes no difference! 

For Instagram, deleting all posts is less challenging because we can get access to a reliable tool like AiGrow, which enables you to select multiple posts and safely remove them all! But, there’s nothing to worry about because this tool is very careful with Instagram’s daily limits!

3- How to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts?

The idea to mass delete Instagram posts can be a bit tricky since you may accidentally delete a very precious content on your page. Imagine deleting a post with a high impression! This could seriously damage your page. 

Therefore, the next thing you need to learn after learning how to mass delete Instagram posts is learning how to recover them. The good news is that it’s quite simple. All you need to do to recover an IG post is to follow a few simple steps.

Here’s how to see deleted Instagram posts:

  1. First, open your Instagram app.
  2. Then, navigate to your profile and tap on the three dots/lines on the upper right corner.
  3. Next, tap on ‘Your activity’. 
  4. Finally, scroll down and tap on ‘Recently Deleted
  5. Here, you may see the recently deleted Instagram posts. 
How to see deleted Instagram posts
How to See Deleted Instagram Posts

If you wish to have them back on your page, here’s how:

  1. Tap on the post you’d like to restore.
  2. Tap on the three dots.
  3. Then, select ‘Restore’
how to recover deleted Instagram posts
How to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

4- Is There a Way to Remove Instagram Posts without Deleting Them?

Sometimes, you just want to remove an IG post from your page, but don’t want to delete it permanently. You merely want it gone temporarily. Well, the solution is the Instagram archive

Using this feature, you can remove any content from your IG feed and transfer it to somewhere that only you have access to. This way, you won’t lose your post, or its likes and comments, and it will be hidden from other users.

Here’s how to archive an Instagram post:

  1. First, go to your profile.
  2. Then, tap on the three dots on the upper corner of your post. 
  3. Now, select ‘Archive’ and you’re all set!
Instagram archive
Instagram Archive

5- How to Archive All Instagram Posts?

You’ve got multiple posts to hide from your profile, but don’t want to do it one by one? Don’t worry. We’ve got it all figured out. 

In case you wish to archive multiple IG posts all at once, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open your profile and tap on the three lines/dots on the right upper corner. 
  2. Tap on ‘Your activity’. 
  3. Tap on ‘Photos and videos’.
  4. Select the type of content you wish to archive. 
  5. Select and hold the posts you’d like to archive. 
  6. Tap on ‘Archive’. 
How to archive all Instagram posts
How to Archive All Instagram Posts

How to Delete All Instagram Posts Summarized in a Nutshell

With your images erased from Instagram, you can go back to living a socially free life without the pressure or embarrassment your old Instagram photos might cause. So, learning how to delete Instagram posts has become a necessity! 

Now, you can either remove pictures and videos one by one, or simply learn how to delete all Instagram posts so that you won’t have to spend a crazy deal of time removing content! On this path, you can use reliable platforms that will facilitate the process!

Starting your journey on AiGrow allows you to accomplish all your growth goals while mass deleting your posts. So, don’t miss out on AiGrow features that can help you organically grow your Instagram followers.

So what are you waiting for?! sign up on AiGrow right now to get instant access to its bulk delete posts feature!

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