7 Ways to Effectively Use Instagram Messages

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Instagram messages are designed to enable you to send messages, images as well as videos privately to a single user or a group of up to 15 people. In addition to sliding into your friends’ DMs with a picture of your new Yeezys, Instagram messages can serve as a vital tool for businesses as well.

As opposed to something like a cold email, an Instagram DM allows your brand to directly engage with users on a very personal level.

This article will focus on the use of Instagram messages from a business perspective:

  1. Use Instagram Direct Messages to Reward Top Followers

The most effective way of sharing content as well as providing support is through comments. Top followers help by reposting and providing much-needed support for your brand. It is important to show gratitude by sending them an exclusive picture or short video clip as a sign of appreciation. Additional you can ask them for their mail address to send them coupons.

  1. Connect with Industry Influencers through Instagram Direct Messages

Influential bloggers and influencers within your niche can help spread the word about your products through reviews and sponsored posts. Use the direct feature on Instagram to directly reach out to qualified influencers, not only asking them to help but to also explain what value you as a brand can bring to their channel.

  1. Provide Exclusive Updates on Instagram Direct

A large advantage to using Instagram messages is the ability to provide your followers with exclusive updates regarding your brand. Updates about events, launches, and any general news can be sent through Instagram direct.

  1. Run a Contest Using Instagram Direct Messages

Use the direct message feature to run a contest. There are multiple ways that one can do this, including reposting picture sent to your followers through DMs.

  1. Instagram Direct Can Generate Leads

Instagram direct, especially when used in conjunction with automated tools like DMpro, can help in turning interested followers into potential leads. Use relevant, as well as popular hashtags within your niche to find out the problems that users are having with similar brands as yours. You can then offer the solution via direct message on a personal level and potentially turn them into leads.

  1. User-Generated Content and Instagram Direct

Through direct message, you can request your followers to send you pictures describing their experience using your brand. After that, you can post these images on your timeline giving the user a shoutout.

  1. Use Instagram Direct Messages to Ask for Reviews

You can reach out to some of your loyal followers and ask for honest reviews of your brand. You can then even take these reviews and use them as content, tagging relevant followers

Do you know of amy other ways to use Instagram DMs effectively? leave a comment and describe 😉

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