My Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out: What To Do?

My Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out; What To Do?

Why does my Instagram keep logging me out? Is this an Instagram bug or anything I did? What is it, and how can it be fixed?

Instagram servers cause problems for its users in a variety of ways every few years, so you are not the only one. And it takes time for the server issues to go away. But there are a few things you can do to make sure everything is fine on your side. Let’s see what they are and how to fix the ‘my Instagram keeps logging me out’ error.

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Why Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out?

Repetitive Instagram log-out can happen for various reasons. Does the bug cause it? Most likely!

Instagram bugs, the first thing we blame when we encounter a glitch on Instagram, are the first reason. It can happen without you doing anything new or culpable.

The second possible reason is when you have multiple accounts on Instagram. When you have multiple accounts with multiple passwords and keep switching from one to another, Instagram logs you out! Why exactly? We don’t know. Perhaps because at some point, Instagram confuses and logs you out repetitively!

The third reason Instagram logs you out is that you have done something suspicious on Instagram! If you keep logging in via different IP, Instagram assumes someone is trying to break into your account, so it keeps sending you to the log-in page. 

The last reason why Instagram log you out is that you use bots to grow your Instagram account. Instagram does not appreciate bots. So if you use bots on your account, it sends you to the sign-in page to verify you are a human.

Instagram Log Me Out; How Do I Fix It?

There are actions you can take to fix continuous Instagram logout. 

Hire An Instagram Specialist to Help You with the Logging You Error

Since Instagram bugs keep coming each year in different forms and ways, it is a good idea to hire an Instagram specialist and deal with all Instagram bugs.

If you hire an Instagram manager, you don’t need to scroll through articles to fix the problem. All you need to do is just inform your manager and watch your problem goes away.

AiGrow is a good company to refer to, given the fact that they only hire professional experts with eye-catching resumes.

Instagram managers of AiGrow;

  1. Fix any bug and problem relating to Instagram
  2. Guarantee to increase your follower to between 4000-5000 new and targeted users
  3. Dedicate 60 hours to your account doing manual growth activities so that your posts appear on the explore page
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  5. Provide you with unlimited features of AiGrow [Read its review to see what those features are]

Sign up free now.

If you are reluctant to refer to a specialist, you try one of the given solutions. That can get them fixed.

Verify All Your Accounts With Both Email And Telephone

To verify your account, you should go to your profile>Setting > Account > Request Verification.

Here you need to fill the application form and then tap on Send.

They may or may not accept to verify your account. 

verify your Instagram account
The message you receive if they accept to verify your Instagram account
verify your Instagram
The message you receive if they don’t accept to verify your Instagram

If you got accepted, good for you. If you didn’t, chill down and carry on to the next solution.

Manage All Your Accounts On PC

It can be understandable to have multiple accounts but try to manage all your Instagram accounts on PC or keep only one account on the app.

Clearing Instagram cache can only solve the problem temporarily. So if you have more than two accounts, keep one on your cellphone and manage the rest of them on your PC.

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Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out Of My Second Account; What To Do?

Since Instagram added the “business account” to the setting, many users decided to have a business account, and ever since, they kept reporting that Instagram logged them out of the second account!

To fix the problem, clear the Instagram cache, if it doesn’t work, report the problem.

Instagram Logged Me Out And I Can’t Get Back In; What To Do?

That’s a big deal if you can’t log into Instagram Instagram after Instagram logged you out especially if you have a business account. Since the causes vary,  fixing them vary as well. 

For further information, read; Instagram won’t let me log in, what to do?

Instagram Logged Me Out Once; Is There A Bug Involved?

Not at all. Instagram logged you out probably because you changed your password and Instagram just wants to confirm it. That’s it.

FAQs Regarding Instagram Logout

So far you read why Instagram kept logging you out from Instagram and how to fix it. In the following, you read about the FAQ relating to Instagram logout. 

How To Log Out Of Instagram?

To log out of your Instagram account, go to your profile>Setting > Log out > Not Now or Remember > Log Out

Instagram Won’t Let Me Log Out; What Do I Do?

You can’t log out of Instagram just because you have the app remember your login detail. To log out of an Instagram account that is remembered, you must;

  1. Tap “Setting”
  2. Scroll down to “Log in”
  3. Add a new account
  4. Log out the username to remove the username’s login information you want to log out

How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices At Once?

To log out of Instagram from on all devices at once, you should reset your Instagram password. That is the only way!

To reset your Instagram password, tap Setting > Privacy and Security > Password and finally change it.

Give it a moment. Then log out. You’ll be logged out of Instagram on all devices.

How To Log Someone Out Of Your Instagram?

To log someone out of your Instagram account, you should block and then unblock the user. Afterward, that user is no longer your follower.

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Final Words on “My Instagram keeps logging me out” Error

Instagram keeps logging you out because of the bugs, but this type of bug normally happens to those who have multiple accounts on their Instagram app.

Since the process of fixing repetitive Instagram logout is time-consuming, I would suggest you refer to an Instagram specialist and have this bug fixed.

If you prefer to fix it on your own, you should verify your accounts, manage your accounts on different devices, and clear your Instagram cache.

That was the article, I hope you find this article useful.