Top 7 Marketing Analytics Tools

Learn more the top marketing analytics tools and grow your business faster.

Looking for ways to optimize your marketing campaigns and boost the results? Then, leveraging marketing analytics should be the first on your list of to-do things. Learn why you should do it and what tools to use from the article below.

What Is Marketing Analytics?

Before the digital age, marketers had limited access to data. Apart from focus groups, polls, and sales numbers, there wasn’t much they could use to gain insights. But the arrival of digital marketing changed that. 

Now, gathering and interpreting all kinds of data is a routine. Whether we’re talking about websites, email campaigns, or social media ads, there are dozens of metrics that we can get access to. Then, we can use this data to evaluate our efforts’ effectiveness and predict the outcomes of future campaigns. 

This is, in essence, what marketing analytics is. It’s an activity to collect and interpret data from various marketing channels to be later used to evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness and the need for change.  

What Are Marketing Analytics Tools? 

Generally speaking, a tool is something that is used to “carry out a particular function.” In our context, a marketing analytics tool is software designed to automate collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data from marketing campaigns. 

The various aspects you can analyze using specific tools are:

  • social media; 
  • website; 
  • email; 
  • SEO; 
  • links. 

Most tools are tailored to serve a specific purpose and analyze a particular aspect of a marketing campaign. So, it’s crucial to define your goals before choosing from an abundance of various software solutions. Moreover, be prepared to invest your time in learning to use the programs. 

Why Use Any Tools?  

It’s simple: there are so many different metrics coming from various channels that it’s virtually impossible to handle them all without automation. However, possessing accurate data is crucial for the success of any digital marketing campaign: everything is being measured, counted, evaluated, and acted upon. 

All this explains the abundance and popularity of marketing analytics tools. Given the current situation, you’re bound to lag behind unless you master at least some of them. 

Top 7 Marketing Analytics Tools in 2021

From website and SEO to social media and links, here are the top marketing analytics tools professionals use in 2021. 

Web and Email 

A company’s website is a perfect way to leverage content marketing, and there are some great tools from top companies to help you gather statistics and evaluate the results. Writing compelling marketing content can be time-consuming, especially if you’re an academic student struggling with delivering assignments. If that’s the case, you should get help from professional writers at EssayHub essay service to spare a few hours. Then, you can use this time to produce great marketing content.

Google Analytics 

The first choice and a must-have for any marketer, Google Analytics is probably the most popular program of its kind out there. It tracks all key website activities such as the number of visitors, session duration, goals, and practically anything else you might need. 

It’s also rather easy to learn as there are plenty of educational courses, including ones from Google itself. What’s more, the platform can integrate with other Google programs such as Google ads. You can also use Mailchimp with it to get integrated email statistics.   

Adobe Analytics 

Another household name on the list. Adobe also offers a complex solution for web analytics. Though having a somewhat less intuitive interface than Google, it has many advantages, too.  

Firstly, its data is easier to share with third parties, as it’s not tied with other programs of the same brand. Secondly, it’s just been announced that Adobe will make the tool-free for colleges and universities – along with the curriculum. If you’re a student, it’s a perfect opportunity.   


Heap markets itself as a better Google Analytics alternative and boasts multiple features that its better-known competitor hasn’t. These include understanding user behavior, automatically capturing clicks, field changes, form submissions, analyzing drivers of retention, and more.  

One more valuable feature is that Heap works effectively across devices. Pricing varies from a basic free plan to premiere, and there’s also a free 14-day trial period. 

Social Media

Social media is one of the leading marketing channels these days. And though all platforms provide their own statistics, professionals still can’t do without more advanced tools.  


One of the better-known options is BuzzSumo, a platform that encompasses both social media and SEO insights. The program can do several things:

  • tracking the mentions of your brand on social media;
  • providing insights about the types of content most popular in your niche;
  • analysis of the performance of your own posts, and more. 


A similar program to BuzzSumo, Socialbakers is particularly praised by users for its great content scheduling options. Naturally, it can also collect and analyze data from your social media campaigns and provide a comprehensive overview. However, the program is also more expensive than its competitor.  


SEO as a marketing channel is alive and well, which means that data from SEO campaigns should also be collected and analyzed properly. 

SEMrush is one of the most popular tools enabling marketers to work with keywords worldwide, analyze backlink profiles, run SEO audits, and more. It’s rather expensive, though, but you can try it out for free during a 7-days trial period. 


Branded links are a great way to increase social engagement, improve conversion rates, and, eventually, grow your audience. And there are tools to manage that part of a campaign, too. 

Rebrandly is popular software that offers a range of options you might need to work with branded links. You can create and customize them, add UTM parameters, track performance, and more.

Pricing starts from $29.00/month, and there’s a free version, too – but no trial period available.  

Wrapping Up 

Undoubtedly, marketing analytics tools are indispensable in 2021. Without them, it’s virtually impossible to measure the effectiveness of the existing campaigns, build strategies for future ones, and keep abreast of your competitors. 

Listed above are just a few of the popular and effective marketing analytics tools that you can use to make the most of your campaigns. But before picking the ones you need, don’t forget to consider the specifications of your business and define the goals of your marketing campaigns.