Location on Instagram Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

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Instagram geotags, also know as location tags have a great impact on attracting local followers and boosting your visibility. According to a study, by adding a geotag to your Instagram post, your engagement rate increases by 79% which is great. But sometimes, you may see location on Instagram not working. But don’t panic! It can be solved in a few minutes and you can also prevent it from happening again. So, keep on reading to see why does it say location not available, and how to fix it ASAP! 

Why The Location Feature on Instagram is NOT Working?

Well, before going to fix the error, you should know why isn’t location not working on Instagram. Actually, this may have some simple reasons, or it may happen because of some technical issues. But, the most frequent reasons include:

  • Poor internet connection, 
  • Full mobile cache, 
  • Disabled location access on your phone
  • Using an outdated version of Instagram, 
  • And technical problems and bugs that are happening because of Instagram updates and reconstructions. 

So, no matter if the Instagram location has no results on iPhone, Android, or even a PC, figure out the reason and then, try the following solutions to fix it!

How to Fix Location Not Working on Instagram?

Now that you figured out why does it say location not available and why isn’t location not working on Instagram, you must try to solve the problem. In the following, you’ll read about 3 easy solutions to fix Instagram location showing no results on iPhone, Android, and your PC. So, stay tuned.

#1 Try The Basic Solutions

Like most errors, you can troubleshoot the “location on Instagram not working” error by checking some basics. These fundamental solutions include: 

  1. Checking your internet connection, 
  2. Logging out and logging into your account, 
  3. Uninstalling and re-installing the app, 
  4. Clearing the Instagram and mobile cache, 
  5. Checking for new updates, 
  6. Trying to add locations using another device,
  7. And enabling access to your location using your mobile settings. 

Usually, after trying 2-3 of these items, your problem is solved. But if you’re still stuck and don’t know why does it say location not available, jump right into the next solutions.

#2 Use a Third-Party App

If you tried all the tips mentioned above and you still don’t know why does it say location not available on Instagram, you may have to try a social media scheduler to add location tags to your posts and stories. For this, AiGrow is the service we suggest you use. Using AiGrow’s scheduler, you are able to schedule IGTV videos, posts, and stories. When scheduling your content, you have the options to: 

  • Search and upload content from Unsplash,
  • Add multiple hashtags to your posts simultaneously, 
  • Tag Instagram users, even if you cannot tag someone on Instagram using the official app,
  • Share your posts on stories as well, 
  • Post on multiple accounts at once, 

And geotag your Instagram posts. So, hopefully, when you see that location on Instagram is not working, just log in to your AiGrow dashboard, and under the scheduler tab, upload your photos and add locations:

Solve location on Instagram not working via AiGrow
Solve location on Instagram not working via AiGrow

Using this scheduler, you’ll never see that Instagram location has no results on iPhone, Android, or PC. So, sign up for free and try it now to get rid of this annoying issue.

#3 Hire an Instagram Account Manager to Prevent & Fix All Types of Issues

Luckily, you’ll figure out why does it say location not available on Instagram and fix it using the two tips I mentioned in the previous paragraphs. But how to prevent this error from happening again? Apart from this error, Instagram users report many other issues every day. For instance:

And thousands of similar issues. Unquestionably, facing such errors would be unpleasant and they may stop you from using Instagram. But wait! I have a great suggestion for you! 

Recruit an Instagram consultant and let an expert take care of your account issues. Fortunately, AiGrow enables you to have a dedicated Instagram account manager. With this service, you won’t face any Instagram bugs, and in case an error occurs, your account manager fixes it in a few minutes. So, you’ll have the chance to have a better experience managing your business on Instagram.

FAQs About Instagram Geotags

Well, that was it! You successfully solved the problem with the location on Instagram not working. So now, it’s time to deepen your knowledge about this feature and learn how to use it in a better way, and for a more professional experience. The following questions may help you with this purpose. So, stick around!

1- How to Turn Off Location on Instagram?

To turn off location on Instagram, you don’t need the Instagram app. Actually, this can be done from your device settings. In other words, you must turn off your GPS or disable Instagram from tracking your location. For this, follow these steps: 

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Under the privacy settings, go to the location services.

Here, either choose to turn off the location services completely or from the list of apps you see, find Instagram and disable its access to the location services.

2- How to Add Custom Location on Instagram?

If you’ve used Instagram for more than 2 years, you’ve definitely noticed that some photos have custom locations, most of which don’t exist at all. For instance, somewhere in the past people used “home sweet home” frequently, but this didn’t refer to a specific location. Unfortunately, after the major updates in 2020, this feature removed and you cannot add custom locations using the official app anymore. By the way, you still have the chance to add previously-defined locations like “Somewhere out in the Middle of Nowhere”.

3- Why Isn’t My Instagram Story Showing Up on The Location Tag?

Actually, this is just a more specific version of the location on Instagram not working. Meaning that the reasons are almost the same, and you have to follow similar steps to solve the issue. But hopefully, AiGrow also has a story scheduler by which you can properly add geotags to your stories and make them show up on the location tag.

Final Words

To sum it up, location on Instagram may stop working for different reasons. But here, I tried to cover all the possible solutions. Read the article to solve the issue and if you know any other ways to fix this problem, leave us a comment.

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