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It’s been a while since you founded your brand on Instagram, trying to grow followers to help your business. However, you have no idea what’s going on in your account. You do not have a clue who your followers are or who is commenting on your posts. That is, you are not sure about your next move on Instagram post strategy. In fact, this is an unpleasant situation because all Instagram marketers must have precise information on their business to make the best decision. Therefore, Instagram tracker tools are the all-important strategy to help you gain knowledge about your account. 

On the other hand, numerous apps claim to be the best in the universe, but actually, they are not! That is, I have collected a list of the best Instagram tracker tools in various kinds to ease your decision-making. 

So, let’s dive in.

Best Instagram Tracker Tools You Need to Use

In the following, firstly, I will introduce an all-in-one Instagram tracker tool that you can make the most of. Then, I will break down some other tools that are well-known for their unique feature.

1- AiGrow: An all-in-one Instagram Tracker Tool

If you need a complete package that includes every single feature you demand to track in your account, AiGrow has the solution for it. This app is an all-in-one Instagram management service that you can conveniently rely on. AiGrow will assist you in tracker your followers, comments, likes, and DMs. Moreover, it lets you identify how many new followers you are getting daily.

 Also, you can monitor the exact users you engage with and how you engage with them. Everyone is searching for a block tracker, though using this app, you will know if someone blocked you on Instagram. Indeed, this is the best tracker tool you need to use

Instagram Tracker Tools

Besides, AiGrow provides you various features to:

  • Obtain precise analysis on your account performance
  • Monitor Your Instagram activity
  • monitor your follower growth
  • Schedule your feed 
  • Grow followers without following
  • Boost engagement by sending mass DMs to audiences

The good news is that you can run AiGrow on your mobile and PC and download this app from App Store and Google Play.

Consequently, this is one of the perfect Instagram tracker tools that lets you manage your multiple accounts on a single dashboard. 

The only thing you need to do is sign up for free and make most of your most reliable Instagram tracker ever.

2- InstaFollow: Best Instagram Follower Tracker 

InstaFollow is the best Instagram follower tracker that grants insight, particularly about your followers. It is an Instagram tracker tool available to iOS and Android users.

InstaFollow Features:

Unfortunately, this tracker app is only for smartphones, and you are not able to track followers from your desktop. 

3- KidsGuard Pro: Instagram Activity Tracker Tool

KidsGuard Pro for Android and iOS is what parents need to feel safe about their children’s social media activity. Indeed, using this app, Instagram marketers can remotely track the activity of their staff.

Instagram Tracker
                                                             KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro Features:

  • Reading a chat history.
  • Monitoring shared multimedia
  • Checking app activity records
  • Monitor Instagram direct messages
  • Track likes, comments, and follow requests
  • Monitor multiple accounts without logging them out

4- FollowMeter for Instagram: Instagram View Tracker Tool

 FollowMeter for Instagram is an Instagram view tracker for iOS that you can download from the App Store. Indeed, its reports tracker lets you access insights into your Instagram account, story views, and post-performance.

FollowMeter for Instagram Feature:

  • Monitor who views your stories the most.
  • Check who viewed your stories (For public accounts).
  • Discover your secret admirers.
  • Identify who your ghost followers are.
  • View which posts have the most engagement.

5- Snoopreport: Instagram Like Tracker

Snoopreport is an Instagram like tracker that lets you see 

According to their websites, Snoopreport is a platform to see what someone likes on Instagram without following them. However, this tracking app is illegal to use, and you must pay for it. 

Snoopreport Features:

  • Acquire business intelligence insights.
  • Discover trends among a specific audience.
  •  Reports on the number of likes and follows.
  • Analyze the audience’s favorites to improve the content.

6- Who Stalker: Instagram Block Tracker

Who Stalker is a tool that helps you recognize your unfollowers and stalkers. Moreover, you can detect instantly when someone blocked you on Instagram. Also, this app notifies you about your stalkers, blockers, and unfollowers.

Instagram Tracker
                                                                           Who Stalker

Who Stalker Features:

  • Notice who has stopped following you
  • Instantly view who has blocked you
  • Follower Increase / Decrease Tracker
  • Sharing Performance Tracking
  • Discover your secret fans
  • Follower Analysis

7- UnFollowers for Instagram ‪+‬: Instagram Unfollowers Tracker

If you consider “Who isn’t following you back?” or “Who did you forget to follow back?” UnFollowers for Instagram ‪+‬ helps you to find non-followers or lost followers on Instagram. However, you can’t unfollow more than ten people in a week. Also, many users complain about too many vulgar ads that appear all the time, and you can’t even use the app!

                                                                 UnFollowers for Instagram ‪+

UnFollowers for Instagram ‪+‬ features:

  • Showing the correct list of un-followers
  • Easily unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back

8- Find My Stalker: Instagram Stalker Tracker

Find My Stalker lets you see who views your Instagram story! If you wonder who checked your Instagram profile and story, this app will help you. Also, it will give you insights into Instagram ghost followers

Find My Stalker Features:

  • Identify who stalked your account
  • Find out who visits your profile
  • You can see who shares your photos with InMyStalker
  • Secret Admirer
  • Discover and delete unfollowers

9- Brand Mention: Instagram Hashtag Tracker

Brand Mention is a free Hashtag tracker tool to monitor Hashtag performance and hashtag analytics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Identifying top influencers, discovering new target groups, and researching new content ideas are advantages of using this hashtag tracking tool.

Brand Mention

Brand Mention Features:

10- BigBangram: Instagram Comment Tracker

BigBangram is a tool that you won’t miss any vital comments or questions. Bigbangram follows, likes, and comments target Instagram accounts based on your specified criteria on your behalf. However, this app is not free, and you must pay for a three-day or a one-month package.

Bigbangram Feature:

  • View comments
  • Reply to Comments
  • Delete comments
  • View comments history
  • Mark as Important or resolved
  • Search for comments and people

Final Thoughts 

The above tools are some of the best Instagram tracker apps that marketers can use to boost efficiency. Nevertheless, among all these apps, I strongly recommend you, AiGrow. It is a multi-tasking Instagram marketing tool that helps you get instant results.

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