Do an Instagram Shadowban Test and Save Your Account

Instagram shadowban test

This article will show you whether you are shadowbanned on Instagram by taking an Instagram shadowban test. And if you are banned, it will instruct you on how to save your account by fixing it. So, let’s first see what shadowbanning is, what causes it, and how you can fix it. 

If you have noticed a sudden and huge decline in your Instagram engagement and Instagram reach, it is possible that you have been shadowbanned by Instagram. There is no need to worry as we are here to solve the issue together. 

A fall in your engagement may be because of a change in the Instagram algorithm. The reason for it, in this case, is because of not complying with Instagram policies, e.g. doing suspicious bot activities on your account. So, it does not necessarily mean that you are facing a shadowban. In that case, you can check out Instagram post ideas for more engagement. But, how to check if you have been shadowbanned? Well, using a shadowban checker to perform an Instagram shadowban test. 

What is Instagram Shadowbanning?

Before implementing an Instagram shadowban check, you should know what Instagram shadowbanning actually is. 

When your Instagram account is shadowbanned, your content is surfaced to a lesser degree or not surfaced at all in the surfacing channels of Instagram. That is why your engagement and reach decreases as your audience cannot see your content. 

How to Check if You Have Been Shadowbanned?

Here are the ways you can check if you have been shadowbanned by Instagram:

1. Search Users as an Instagram Shadowban Test

Try to search for an Instagram user who is not your followers. If you cannot find it, then it is likely that you have been shadowbanned.

2. Use Previous Hashtags

Try to share a new post using the hashtags that you regularly used in your previous posts. If you cannot use them again, it is another sign that you are experiencing an Instagram shadowban.

3. Ask a Friend a Run an Instagram Shadowban Test

As your friend to quickly check the hashtag feed related to the hashtag you have used on your post. If your post does not appear on the hashtag feed, then you are probably shadowbanned. To get 100% assured, it is better to check this step several times and choose the hashtags that are not used a million times a day. So, it gets easier for your friend to find your post on the hashtag feed or certainly tell you that your post does not appear there. 

4. Check Instagram Insights

Checking Instagram insights regularly can tell you if you have a sudden and huge decline in your engagement and reach. You can also compare the number of your followers during a time span. If you have had constant growth for a while and then a sudden and huge decline that goes on for a while, then you are shadowbanned. 

Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

What Causes an Instagram Shadowban?

The result is so tragic for your Instagram account that you may want to know what has caused you to undertake such a disaster. Here are the causes of an Instagram shadowban:

1. Inappropriate Content

It is likely that one or several users have reported your content as inappropriate. The process of taking down posts that have been reported inappropriate is automated by Instagram. So, being reported as inappropriate does not necessarily mean that your content is inappropriate. It is just enough for Instagram to get a certain number of reports to take your post down and cause you a shadowban. 


This type of shadowban is not something that you can fix unless you contact the Instagram Customer Support team. Well, this is not easy at all. But if you ever managed to have a word with them, you should provide as many screenshots as possible to prove that your content is not inappropriate. 

2. Using an Instagram Bot

Instagram has banned the use of Instagram bots. If you are using Instagram tools and services that are not safe, it is probable that this is the case. Instagram tools and services are not the cause of getting shadowbanned if they are safe.


If you think that it is the Instagram tool you are using that is causing your shadowban, the solution for you is to simply stop using it. Use trusted alternatives such as safe Instagram growth hacking apps in 2021

One of the greatest Instagram tools that you can use without worrying about Instagram shadowban is definitely AiGrow. This tool can grow your Instagram account organically. It is safe, trusted, and well-run. So, sign in for free and choose the plan that suits your budget best:

Instagram account manager
AiGrow packages and prices

Why AiGrow is trusted? Because all the actions are done manually by an Instagram account manager. Therefore, there are no bots involved which means there are no bulk actions to result in being shadowbanned. 

3. Getting Reported

People can report you for different reasons. Perhaps they think your content is harmful or maybe they want you to get flagged. No matter if you are breaching Instagram policies and regulations or not, as long as your content gets enough reports, Instagram will take your post down and limit your activities by shadowbanning you.


The solution is that you stop posting that kind of content that you think is causing different reports. People may report various things but if you control your content and do not harm or disrespect any category of people, you can avoid shadowbanning. 

What if You are Still Shadowbanned?

If making the above changes does not solve the issue, the next solution is to contact Facebook Customer Service. If you are violating their Terms of Service, they can help you get rid of the shadowban. 

Another solution is to use trusted Instagram account managers. This is undoubtedly the lifelong solution that saves your account from being shadowbanned.  

Final Thoughts on Instagram Shadowban Test

By carefully diagnosing whether Instagram has shadowbanned you or you are just getting low engagement and reach due to the recent Instagram algorithm, you can take the necessary steps to solve the issue. In this article, we have tried to help you recognize what the problem is with your Instagram account and then give you solutions to get rid of Instagram shadowban and save your account. We hope that you soon solve the issue using the solutions above.