How to Find Influencers on Instagram[14 Best Ways + Tools, Tips & Tricks]

How to Find Influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing has become a significant element of the digital marketing strategy. With customer trust turning to word-of-mouth marketing and advice, firms invest in niche influencers to advertise their product and services and help grow their brand. But an important question for most Instagram marketers or businesses is how to find influencers on Instagram?

Utilizing sponsored content, brands can employ creative social media Influencers to create brand awareness campaigns on Instagram and grow key customer connections. To achieve it, you may think about finding Instagram influencers. But searching for influencers in your niche may take a lot of time and effort.

This article is a complete guide detailing how to reach out to Instagram influencers for your brand and strengthen relationships that benefit both you and your influencers.

It also shows you the best tools like Ainfluencer, a free Instagram influencer search tool, which helps you find Instagram influencers instantly, and AiGrow to grow your Instagram organically. 

How to Find Influencers On Instagram For Your Brand

If you want to know how to find Instagram influencers for your brand, concentrate on top Instagram niches that really work and what your industry demands precisely. 

How to find influencers on Instagram
How to find influencers on Instagram

Here is a guide to help you vividly find Instagram influencers for your brand to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

1- Use an Influencer Marketplace

One of the fastest and easiest ways to see how to find Instagram influencers to collaborate with your brand is to make use of a quality influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer.

find Instagram influencers
How to find influencers on Instagram using Ainfluencer

One of the best influencer marketplaces is Ainfluencer. This marketplace operates as a link between brands and influencers, allowing them to connect and collaborate.

Here are some of the features of Ainfluencer in detail:

  • Free to use (It’s 100% free to use with no hidden fees.)
  • Risk-free (The automatic system keeps track of your campaigns and holds funds until you confirm the necessary material.)
  • AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence is used on the platform to help users discover influencers.)
  • Influencer audit (Ainfluencer shows you account information like engagement rate, average comments, and likes, comments to followers ratio, and likes to followers ratio for influencers.)
  • Fast, easy, and smart
  • Creating marketplace ads (brands can create a free marketplace ad that is posted to the marketplace where thousands of qualified influencers can see and make offers.)
  • Built-in chatbox (brands and influencers can negotiate the marketing terms and close the deal right in the app.)
  • Real-time analytics (Ainfluencer tracks your performance from start to finish).

2- Check Their Bio Details

One of the easiest ways to search for Instagram influencers is to do an Instagram search. For example, if you know an influencer, you can search for their name. Additionally, if you don’t know their name, search for any relevant tags, locations, or other information. With this method, you can locate some of them.

Instagram generally displays the most well-liked accounts first; after that, you may check their bios. It’s not difficult to identify influencers. Typically, they make a perfect Instagram profile and bio with details to indicate that they’re open to collaborating with brands.

For instance, some influencers might highlight brand ties in their bio. Likewise, they usually add clickable social media links to their Instagram bio to make it easier to get in touch through DM groups. So, you can know their interests and also the brands that they collaborate with.

This way, you can find Instagram influencers that are related to your business to work with. Relevant influencers are aware of your specialty and value your authority as a thought leader or expert in that particular area. So, they can effectively promote your services and goods.

If you want to know more about finding influencers on Instagram, keep reading. 

3- Assess Their Instagram Followers And Engagement Rate 

One of the factors that you should consider to know how to find good influencers on Instagram is to check their number of followers and, more importantly, their interaction rate. 

Influencers gain engagement from their followers. Posting is excellent, but what if no one takes a move? Getting high engagement implies that the influencer is the right person who can set off action among the audience. 

But, what is a good engagement rate on Instagram? There is no particular number to aim for, but anything in the ballpark of 10% is considered great engagement. However, according to the Hootsuite blog, experts in social media marketing agree that a suitable engagement rate is between 1% and 5%. 

The engagement rate is a sign of what influencers and their audience are worth. Basically, it determines how much audiences interact with a post. Factors that indicate influence engagement are user reactions, comments, likes, shares, saves, mentions, and the number of followers. So, when you find an influencer to work with, check for them all.

To measure an influencer’s engagement rate, add the likes to comments from all of the profile’s posts, and divide the result by the followers’ number. Then, once again, divide it by the number of posts per post on average.

4- Delve Into Their Content

Influencers, especially micro-influencers, can be found among your followers. Additionally, you can find them on the Instagram explore page. Everywhere your research to find influencers on Instagram, you need to understand whether their posts are an appropriate match for your brand and if their posts are the right types of content. 

Moreover, check if their photos and videos suit your brand aesthetic. Most importantly, notice if their IG caption ideas are engaging, thoughtful, and follow your brand voice.

5- Look Through Their Comments

When you are searching for influencers on Instagram it’s not unlikely that you’ll encounter fake ones. Fake influencers usually use bots or buy IG followers to look more popular. So, with fake followers and engagement, they can’t help you. One of the ways to identify fake influencers is to check their fake followers.

Fake followers typically give comments that are similar or include just emojis. Influencers, on the other hand, do not respond to them. If you come across such comments, they must be fraudulent. Real comments are often queries that are relevant to the products and take the form of a dialogue.

Additionally, sometimes influencers don’t react to comments. It’s another issue. It is essential to find an influencer who takes the time to reply to their comments and cares about their audience engagement. Ignoring the comments is a big mistake for influencers who aim to build trustable relationships with their followers.

6- Go Over Their Non-Branded Contents

Take the time also to inspect an influencer’s non-branded content. This grants you a better insight into who they are and what they might work with. When searching for Instagram influencers, keep in mind that the characteristics of the person you want to work with complement your brand and the products you offer.

This way, you can gain greater trust and, as a consequence, get more IG followers, which means you can easily convert your followers into paying customers.

7- Poke Out to Influencers Individually by Sending DMs

One of the most frequent queries, when reaching out to the right IG influencers, is how to contact Instagram influencers so that they contribute. One of the best ways is to send DMs to them. But unfortunately, a lot of messages are deleted right after being received by influencers.

If you want your DM read by your candidate influencer, try to write it smartly, clearly, concisely, and memorably. On the other hand, you may find a bunch of influencers that are related to your brand and want to send them direct messages simultaneously.

This is where you can count on third-party apps to send bulk DMs. AiGrow is one of the best Instagram growth services. Moreover, it provides customers with additional tools to facilitate their work. AiGrow’s automated DM feature helps speed up the most time-consuming part of influencer marketing, poking out to all influencers individually.

How to find influencers on Instagram using AiGrow

Using AiGrow, you can customize your DMs based on who you’re reaching out to (new followers, old followers, followers of your competitors, and any custom list of specific users). Hit start, and let AiGrow reach out to potential influencers for you. 

In addition, you have the option of writing your own message or using the pre-made templates provided by AiGrow for the content of your messages. In the picture below all of its helpful features are shown.

Best Buzzoid Alternative
AiGrow features

Signup for AiGrow now, and see the incredible results. If you’re not convinced to use this service yet, read this AiGrow review.

Additionally, on the internet, you can find many positive reviews similar to this one about AiGrow. Watch this video if you are interested in learning about the experiences of AiGrow users.  

8- Focus On Micro-Influencers

At first inspection, you may believe that working with top Instagram influencers is the best idea. However, if you don’t find the right influencer in your niche, it may not work at all. In other words, other factors such as their engagement rate, the field of profession, and personality are more essential than their popularity or number of followers.

Working with micro-influencers on Instagram might be the best choice to get the best results. Because they concentrate on a specific niche, their followers are more relatable and may be more interested in your business. This is what you need!

‘Any Influencer Can Get A ‘one-night Stand’. Trusted Social Influencers Leverage Data And Help The Brand Define Success To Get A Call Back The Next Day”

Brian Fanzo

Additionally, the future is for Micro-influencers (1000-15000 followers). There are so many active influencers out there. Actually, they are not Instagram stars, celebrities, or world-famous people, but they have managed to gain a certain number of loyal followers around them.

A Canadian influencer is @Nicole Rae, for instance. Her posts typically include advice on living a healthy lifestyle and recommendations for products. She is a micro-influencer with more than 17k followers who marketers can rely on to promote skincare, cosmetics, and other lifestyle-related items.

9- Search in Google to Find Instagram Influencers

If you are not sure how to find good Instagram influencers for your brand yet, Google is another option. To find your influencer, google the keywords related to your brand and see what comes up. For instance, you can search for “Best Fashion Influencers on Instagram” if you are a fashion designer.

Or search for how travel bloggers make money on Instagram as an influencer. Numerous websites that collect data on them will be displayed. As the Google search engine is also becoming more intelligent, you can use some commands to get the best outcomes. You can use this command, for instance: “travel blogger”

This will cause a large list of Instagram influencers and travel bloggers to appear in search results. You can substitute any similar keyword based on your niche in place of “travel blogger.” You can also enter the city where you want your influencer to be and the number of followers you want.

How to find inluencers on Instagram using Google
How to find influencers on Instagram using Google

On this wise, you can find influencers for free on Instagram using Google search. But remember, it can’t give you the exact results that you want. To achieve a perfect result, using third-party apps like AiGrow or other free Instagram influencer search tools like Ainfluencer can be more helpful for you.

10- Monitor Your Competitors To Find Influencers On Instagram

Competitor analysis is an important criterion for finding real followers and customers. It is also useful for finding related influencers. When you inspect your competitors, be aware of what they are up to, which influencers they partner with, and how they promote their brand. You can get a lot of helpful information by following them.

Knowing how your competitors use Instagram influencers will help you identify your unique value proposition to explain your products using influencers. Also, if an influencer tags or mentions them in a post, it is best to note that information. You can learn more about what appeals to your target audience by examining their Instagram accounts and content strategy.

Thus, you can find the best influencers and take full advantage of them to promote your brand and products. AiGrow also provides you with an opportunity to fully analyze your competitors and suggest the best method of influencer marketing.

11- Explore Hashtags Related to Your Brand

Hashtags are essential to any type of promotional or branded content. Therefore, brainstorm the top IG hashtags relevant to your industry or location and begin there. Applying the best Instagram Hashtags serve as a brilliant way to find top Instagram influencers. However, keep in mind that you should narrow the hashtags by using language-specific, industry-specific, or technical phrases in a relevant industry.

On Instagram, you can browse hashtags that are relevant to your market and trade. The more specific your hashtag is, the less digging you will need to do for related accounts. Start by examining the captions of influencers who you are aware of and who would be pertinent to your market, industry, and niche.

When you click on a hashtag, it will display the related posts. Give heed to engaging content and high-quality photos and videos. Any item with more than 250 likes on it has clearly attracted a large audience. Tap on them to view their full profiles and bios. This approach is effective for finding micro-influencers.

12- Monitor Your Followers To Find Influencers On Instagram

If you have a business, have shared some of your products or services, and wonder how to find micro-influencers on Instagram, you can look for IG Influencers among your own followers. Because they tend to follow businesses that provide related products that they like to promote.

In fact, one of the best spots to find Instagram top influencers is among your existing followers, fans, and consumers. For instance, consider following those who frequently engage with your content on Instagram. 

Also, watch your tags and mentions to ensure that you’re not missing out on partnering with influencers who already know you and your brand voice. Developing relations with existing brand reps is a smart move. Besides, they might be eager to collaborate with you without much of a price tag.

13- Find Instagram Influencers By Location 

Using location tags or conducting an Instagram location search to find influencers is one approach that is free. To achieve this, you can browse them, identify relevant postings, and seek out influencers that you believe will best promote your product or service. But it can be a little bit difficult because everybody can use them, even if they are not at that place.

So, to facilitate your task, you can use an influencer database that some influencer marketplaces like Ainfluencer give you. In the following, we shall explain more about it.

14- Use An Influencer Database 

Influencer databases let you search for influencers. They analyze thousands of online influencers to generate a list. Using it, you may discover their social media platforms, follower count, location, posting frequency, and more.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal Instagram influencer to collaborate with, you can typically get in touch with them as well. The majority of influencer databases lack the resources necessary to completely implement and manage Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, while some may charge a fee for these services. 

As a result, you’ll probably need to use spreadsheets or other tools to organize and manage your campaigns. One of those systems is Ainfluencer, which gives you access to both extensive datasets and tools.

FAQs on How to Find Influencers on Instagram

It’s possible that you’ll have some questions regarding finding influencers on Instagram. We compiled a list of queries that were requested repeatedly by users and provided responses to those questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

1- Where Can I Find Instagram Influencers For Free?

Here’s what you can do to find Instagram influencers without spending a penny.

1- Conduct a manual Instagram search

2- Browse through your followers

3- Search Instagram hashtags

4- Google influencer in your niche


2- How Do I Hire an Influencer?

Before hiring someone for your influencer marketing program, you need to develop well-defined objectives and a target audience or buyer persona. Then decide on the type of influencer you need and create a short list of influencer candidates. 

Have a price in mind and pick the influencer who offers the right price for your marketing budget. In the end, put everything in writing and sign a contract to formalize what might be a fruitful long-term relationship.

Final Thoughts On How To Find Influencers On Instagram

Influencer marketing enables brands to find, contact, and work with creative influencers in an entirely consistent process. Consequently, you can build and promote your brand and fly off the chart. To sum up, finding a charismatic Instagram influencer helps you get instant results according to your niche.

Now that you know how to find influencers on Instagram, the point is that you, as a business owner or marketer, may not have enough time to spend on finding influencers on Instagram. In such a situation, extenuate your work and delegate it to reliable services like Ainfluencer to find influencers for you and growth services like AiGrow to help you promote all aspects of your IG account.