How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Many might judge you for searching this but I don’t, neither does Google! I not only understand you but also wanna teach you how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram! 

This is how the story normally starts! You are living your life, and it occurs to you that you have not seen someone’s stories and posts for so long. Then you begin to search his/her username and you come up with this message! 

Now you wonder if you are blocked on Instagram?

There is an issue when answering how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram because it is impossible to distinguish if that user blocked you or simply deactivated or deleted the Instagram account!

Let me give you an example! When you search the user in question, you may come up with a message saying “user was not found”. It has either of these three meanings;

  • That user has blocked you
  • That user has deactivated his/her Instagram account
  • That user has deleted his/her Instagram account

You can read blog after blog and at the end not to be sure which of these three is your case!

Easy! By the end of the article, you will get the closure you need for certain. So read till the end!

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram? Try AiGrow!

Landing page of aigrow

AiGrow is an Instagram all-in-one tool that allows you to manage several Instagram accounts on one dashboard. You can manage your principal account to grow and have a side account for emergencies like this and if you learn that you are blocked on Instagram, you can stalk that person anonymously 😀

Why AiGrow?

First, AiGrow allows you to search a certain hashtag on Instagram and easily repost feeds on your principal or side account. The repost feature of AiGrow grows your principal account and naturalizes the second one. So no one will doubt it

Second, AiGrow lets you manage both accounts separately on your dashboard (No need to mention you can add as many accounts as you want) 

You might say you can just create a second Instagram account on your cellphone. So why bother with AiGrow?

Well, according to my personal experience, sooner or later you mix them up and post something on the side account and things get messy and complicated!

With AiGrow, everything is so neat and figured out. You can even manage your principal account on a cellphone and the side one on your desktop so you never confuse them. 

Don’t worry about AiGrow! It is compatible with any device.

Third, AiGrow is free! Click here to sign up, add your name, last name, email address, and password. You won’t lose anything. So why not try it?

But if you are not interested in using a tool for any reason, there are other ways to learn how to tell if you are blocked on Instagram.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Without A Third-Party Tool?

If you wonder how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram without any tool, read the following titles. The process will get longer but you figure it out whether or not you are blocked.

Search The Suspect!

Search the suspect on Instagram. If you are blocked on Instagram you can see;

  • Display
  • Follower count
  • Post count

But instead of posts in the grid area, you see “No Posts Yet” 

If this happens, for sure you can tell you are blocked on Instagram!

When an account is blocked on Instagram vs when it's not

This is when the account is public. If the account is private, the following ways get you through.

Hire A Detective!

Search the person on Instagram or paste the username here

When you're blocked on Instagram vs when you're not

As you see in the picture, when you see this message it means either;

  • You are blocked on Instagram
  • The user deactivated his/her account
  • The user deleted his/her account

To make sure if you are blocked or not, you need the help of another Instagrammer to go through the same process.

A different result came out? I’m afraid you are blocked for sure.

Remember you can be the self-employed detective yourself on AiGrow 😀


Dig Yourself

Go to the suspect’s best friend profile and find his/her tag, mention, comment, anything.

Then tap on it. Now you are directed to a page.

Once again if you are unable to see their content, but you see the number of posts that person has, you are blocked! (Unless it is a private account)

How To Tell If You’re Blocked On Instagram, Not Being Hidden From?

First of all, no one can hides posts from you, not yet! But users can hide their stories from you. 

When Instagram stories are hidden from you, you can see neither that person’s stories nor his Instagram story highlights. But you still can see Instagram posts of that user. 

This is while you can’t see any post when you are blocked. To understand better, have a look at this photo.

How To Tell If You’re Blocked On Instagram, Not Removed From Followers?

Instagram doesn’t have the “Remove Follower” feature. So if you used to be someone’s follower but not now, it means that the user blocked and then unblocked you. 

Final Words

We all know that dating can be complicated, we all have dealt with dysfunctions in family, we all had issues in friends’ circle. And it is completely understandable if you wanna have a little bit of closure.

If you wonder how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram without asking anyone and being judged for it, you can create a side account and check if that person blocked you or muted you or anything for that matter.

AiGrow prepares a dashboard for you in which you can manage as many Instagram accounts as you want and help naturalize the side account.

Sign up free and try it for yourself.