How Anyone Can Get the SHOP NOW Button on Instagram?

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Nowadays, especially in these days of quarantine and self-isolation, most people prefer to buy whatever they need from online shopping stores. In this way, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms all over the globe which is also offering some amazing features for those who want to sell products and services online. By the way, one of the best features available is the “Shop Now” button which lets people purchase whatever they need directly from Instagram bio. 

But what is the shop now button and how can you add it to your Instagram profile? This is what we are going to teach you in this article. Don’t worry if you don’t have a business account, we have included solutions for everyone. Stay tuned!

Instagram SHOP NOW Buttons in 2020

To add a “Shop Now” button to your Instagram account, you need to have a business account on Instagram and also turn your account into a shoppable one. Unfortunately, as we have mentioned before, turning your account into a shoppable one is not a simple thing to do. For this, you must meet so many strict requirements. To illustrate, you must connect your Instagram account to a Facebook catalog, be located in some special spots of the world, etc that have been mentioned here.

However, in case you meet all the Instagram requirements, you can purchase a shoppable account and start selling products from there. Actually, having a shoppable account on Instagram, a bag icon appears on your page as you can see in the picture below:

shop now button
shop now button

But what is this tab? In fact, on this tab, you can see all the posts that have shopping tags or in other words, are shoppable. In addition, here, you can see the names of the products, prices and also sales. 

shop now button
shop now button

Then, by tapping on each of them, you can either tap to visit the product on the website or scroll down to see the description and also view similar products.

shop now button
shop now button

As you see, it is a really amazing feature and lets you leverage your Instagram to sell products more professionally. However, it is hard to turn an Instagram account into a shoppable account. So, what to do instead? Well, keep on reading. 

Shop Now Button on Instagram Without a Business Account

Luckily, there is a free way to turn your Instagram account into a shoppable one and also add the “Shop Now” button to your bio. Additionally, using the following way, you don’t even need to have a business account on Instagram. So, this solution is literally for every user on Instagram. But what is it?

Well, our solution is to use AiSchedul. AiSchedul is a complete package of professional tools that will make you become an intellectual Instagram user. Using this tool, you can sell on Instagram without a business, and use all the Instagram features that are available only for business accounts. 


To illustrate, with AiSchedul, you have the ability to:

And leverage your Instagram bio to sell more efficiently. But how can it help you to get the shop now button? One of the best tools of AiSchedul is the link in the bio tool.

shop now button

Actually, using this tool, you can add multiple links to your Instagram bio, add clickable links to your posts and stories, link to social media websites using widgets, and also share links using buttons that also include the shop now button. But how? Let’s see!

How to Add Shop Now Button on Instagram Via AiSchedul 

To add a shop now  button to your Instagram account using AiSchedul follow these simple steps:

First, create an account for free

Then, add your Instagram account(s) by clicking on the “Add Instagram Account” button. Note that you can add as many accounts as you want. 

Add instagram account on AiSchedul

Now, click on the “Manage Account” button below the Instagram account you want to add a shop now button for. 

AiSchedul dashboard
AiSchedul dashboard

After that, on your dashboard, click on the “Bio Link” tab. 

shop now button

Next, click on “Add any other links in the form of a button”.

shop now button

Finally, enter your shop address, and right “Shop Now” or any other things you want in the second box and hit the “OK” button. 

shop now button

That’s it. Now, people can go to your online shop from the bio and purchase whatever they need. 

Remember that using this amazing feature, you can add any clickable buttons you want.

Also, using this amazing tool you can add some clickable tags to your Instagram posts. These tags can include the names, prices, and also shop URLs which makes it easy for people to buy and purchase their desired products. 

shop now button

So, go ahead and sign up for free right now. 

Wrap Up

To sum it up, Instagram has so many amazing features that will make you a professional seller on Instagram. However, most of these features are available for professional accounts and ordinary ones cannot use them. However, there are tools like AiSchedul that help you have all these features for free and sell more on Instagram. 

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