How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram? [The Best 2022 Solutions]

How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

Privacy is one of the most critical points while using social media applications. At some point during your social media experience, you have all wondered how to hide who you follow on Instagram or make Instagram live comments disappear!

After all, we’ve all been there with the jealous ex or the nosy cousin who keeps asking questions. It’s completely natural if you don’t want to share your following list with everyone and search for how to hide following on IG

Unlike Facebook, Instagram has not dedicated a particular field to your lists’ privacy. However, there are still ways to hide your followers and followings on Instagram.

You try so much to boost followers using followers apps like AiGrow. But, your social relations are one thing that you always want to keep private, whether from your family members or random by-passers. And it is honestly easier to learn how to hide who you follow on Instagram than politely convince others that they shouldn’t ask questions!

This article will show you a few ways to brace yourself and your following list against the stalkers on Instagram.

So if you want the answer to ‘Can you hide who you follow on Instagram?‘, keep reading this article!

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How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

When people click on your Instagram profile, they can see the number of your followers and followings, even on a private account. Despite the fact that you can not hide the numbers, you can control or limit the visibility of your Instagram account. 

Would you like to know how to hide who you follow on Instagram? Although there is no direct way to do so, there are a few simple methods to protect yourself against unwelcome visitors.

Here we are going to explain a few tips on how to hide following on Instagram.

#1 Make Your Account Private 

If you run an Instagram business profile or your account is public, it’s nearly impossible to hide your activities and following on Instagram. That is, if you’re an Instagram influencer or a business owner growing a brand on Instagram, you can’t use this method to hide people you follow on Instagram! 

Otherwise, you can switch to a private account following these steps:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Then, click on the icon on the right bottom of your IG application.
  • Tap on the three parallel lines at the top right of your profile and open your Settings.
  • Now, go to the ‘Privacy’ section.
  •  Select privacy (How to hide following on IG)
  • Finally, switch the Private account button on.
How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram? Switch to a Private Account.
Switch to a Private Account (Hide Who You Follow on Instagram)

Your Instagram account is now protected and private! So, following the steps above is the answer for those of you who ask questions on how to hide your Instagram account information like the lists and posts! 

After it’s over, none other than your followers will be able to access your lists or your posts! In other words, even on private accounts, your followers can see your follower and following list. But the rest can only see the numbers. 

🔶So, you can’t hide who you follow from your followers other than either restricting, removing, or blocking them. Keep reading to learn how to hide your following on Instagram from existing followers.  

#2 Remove Followers to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

So you have switched to a private account. Can people see who you follow on Instagram? Well, once you accept a follow request on Instagram, the new followers will appear in your list and can access it too!

Unfortunately, there is no Instagram feature for hiding your Instagram posts or follower list from your followers! So, if you want to know how to hide who you follow on Instagram from someone in your followers’ list, you have limited options. 

But if you insist on doing so and find someone particularly untrustworthy or nosy, you can remove them from your followers.

For removing followers, you can go through the steps below: 

  • First off, tap your profile in the right bottom corner of your IG app.
  • Go to your following list and search for the person you’d like to hide your profile from.
  • Click on the ‘Remove’ button in front of their username.

Once you do this and switch to a private account, that person will no longer see your lists or posts on Instagram. 

Now you know how to hide your followers on Instagram from a specific person!

💡Tip: It is okey to limit your followers on Instagram. You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you.

#3 Block Users on Instagram to Hide Following

You may ask, ‘Can you hide your followers on Instagram with a public account?’ Many people may want to keep their IG accounts in public mode. For many reasons, however, you may want to know how to hide who you follow on Instagram from specific users. 

To hide who you follow from certain users with a public account on Instagram, you have no other way but to block those accounts. And by taking this action on Instagram, hide following from your blocked contacts. 

So if you wonder how to hide someone on Instagram, take the following instructions and block them:

  • Go to the search tab on your phone application.
  • Then, search for the user you want to hide from.
  • On the top right of your screen, tap on the ‘…’ sign.
  • From the appeared Window, select the ‘Block’ button.

#4 Use an Instagram Monitoring Tool Instead of Following Users

Instagram third-party monitoring applications are excellent choices for controlling your privacy and lists as well as your posts on Instagram. Therefore, you don’t need to seek for ‘Instagram hide following.’

AiSchedul is a handy third-party app that can help you with your account analysis in any aspect. So, regardless of your concerns about account privacy or account growth, you can trust AiSchedul to monitor and manage your account professionally under your supervision.

AiSchedul Features 

From the long list of the AiSchedul outstanding features (As shown in the above image), you can choose to:

And more. But using this platform, can you hide followers and followings on Instagram?

With the incredible account monitoring tool on AiSchedul, you can add accounts and monitor their activities without following them officially on Instagram. In this way, this efficient tool lets you choose how to hide your following on Instagram

This tool will help you in the sense that it prevents you from actually following accounts you don’t want others to know you are tracking. As you are monitoring the content from a third-party service and not following those accounts on Instagram, they will not appear in your follow list. 

After you have signed up to AiSchedul for free, log in to your IG account. You can find the account monitoring tool by taking the following path.

  • Choose your account from your dashboard.
  • Go to the ‘Post and Scheduling’ tab.
  • Open the ‘listening and repost’ section.
  • Click on the ‘account monitoring’ button.
how to hide who you follow on Instagram
 AiSchedul (Hide Following Instagram)

Once you are there, you can:

  • Manage your posts, followings and followers lists, and even more,
  • Get an analysis of your hashtags and their impact on your account growth!

So, sign up for free right now and give it a try!

#5. Restrict a User’s Account to Hide Following List On Instagram  

Another viable answer to “How can you hide who you follow on Instagram?” is to restrict someone’s account. By restricting a user’s account, you limit what they can view on your profile. For example, a restricted user cannot view your stories or know when you are online. Additionally, if you restrict someone, they won’t know.

Here is how to restrict a users account which will allow you to hide people you follow on Instagram: 

  • Enter your Instagram profile. 
  • Tap on Settings and then Privacy  
  • Next, go to Connections 
  • Hit ‘Restricted Accounts’ 
  • Choose the user you want to restrict and press “Restrict“.
How to hide who you follow on Instagram? Restricting an IG account is the other option you have.

FAQs about How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

Now that you have learned how to hide following on Instagram, there are still a few frequently asked questions about other privacy issues on Instagram. This section will answer some critical questions, so keep reading to better know how to protect your privacy as much as possible. 

#1 How to Hide My Following List on Instagram from My Followers?

As explained earlier, there’s no definitive way to know how to hide your following from your followers on Instagram. You have to either remove, block or restrict your followers to hide following list form followers on private Instagram account.  

But, keep in mind that you can use AiSchedul to analyze and observe an IG account without following it! This platform can solve this whole problem for you!

#2 What Can I Do If I Don’t Want My Contacts to Find Me on Instagram?

To do this, you have to cut permission from those who have your number saved on their phones.

To hide your Instagram account from those people:

  • Go to your phone’s setting and in your applications, find Instagram.
  • Then turn off the access to contacts permission to the application.

#3 How to Hide a Story from Someone Who Doesn’t Follow You on Instagram?

As you know, you can see who viewed your Instagram stories. So far, you know how to hide who you follow on Instagram. Now, let’s learn how to hide your stories from someone on Instagram! 

If you want to hide your stories from random profile viewers on IG, you have to switch to a private account, as instructed before. But, if you insist on running a public or business account, you simply can’t do that.

Once you have a private account, there are two ways to hide your stories from specific followers. The first way is to create a close friend list, and the second way is to hide your stories from the followers you don’t want to share your stories with. 

To hide your stories from specific users, you should: 

  • Go to your profile feed on Instagram.
  • Choose the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and select ‘Settings.’
  • Then, choose ‘Privacy’ and select ‘Story.’
  • Now, tap on the number below ‘Hide Story From.’
  • Finally, select the users you don’t want to share your stories with!
How to Hide Story on IG
How to Hide Story from Who You Follow on Instagram

#4 How Can I Prevent Someone From Sending Me Direct Messages on Instagram?

One of the most efficient ways to protect your privacy on Instagram and especially manage your direct messages is to restrict your disturbing users.

In that case, they won’t send you direct messages, and Instagram restricts their activities and interactions with you.

To restrict a user, you can follow the same path as when you block them. Go to their profile, and from the menu on the top right of the screen, choose ‘restrict.’

#5 How to Hide Someone’s Comments on Instagram?

Of course, you can delete a comment on Instagram or block the person who has commented on your post. But if you don’t want them to find out, you can simply restrict them as explained in the last question.

 #6 How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram?

If you wonder how to hide activity status on Instagram, just follow the steps below: 

  • Go to your profile and click on the 3 lines at the top right corner of your page. 
  • Tap on Settings
  • Then, tap on activity status and turn it off. 

Now, you can scroll on Instagram without others knowing that you are active on it.  

#7 Why Does Not Instagram Make It Easy to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram? 

As of now, Instagram has rolled out several features, but nothing on how to hide who you follow on Instagram. For example, it is possible to hide likes on Instagram. According to Instagram, this new feature of turning off likes has been done for the well-being of IG users on the app. 

The question is, why Instagram is hesitant to take drastic measures on how to hide following on IG? The reason why it wants the number of followers to remain visible is that the app is primarily driven by the number of followers a user has on its account. So, their business would be adversely affected if you can easily hide following list on Instagram. 

 Note: Instagram is always testing out new features. So, perhaps someday, it may introduce a feature on how to hide who you follow on Instagram.

Final Words on How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

If you are concerned with your privacy like everyone else on Instagram, make sure you know how to hide who you are following on Instagram

This way, you can block every loop whole for online abusers and unwelcome accounts. Besides, you can always guarantee your safety by getting professional assistance from safe third-party managers. 

In this post, we discussed how to hide following on Instagram. You can do so by switching to a private mode and removing, blocking, or restricting a user’s account. Additionally, we Introduced AiSchedul, the best Instagram monitoring tool that can provide you with a complete Instagram hide following. 

 So, sign up for free and give AiSchedul a try now. 

Please re-read the article to see how to hide who you follow on Instagram. And if you have any problems with the means we have explained above, feel free to leave us a comment below. We are more than willing to address your questions and help you with your concerns!