How to Hide Likes on Instagram [A Complete Guide of 2022]

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Would you like to learn how to hide likes on Instagram so others cannot see the number of likes your posts receive? Doing so can provide you with a different experience, helping you to concentrate more on creating engaging IG posts rather than the number of likes the post receives. 

Instagram has recently added this new feature of turning off likes to depressurize its users’ experience on the app. It is believed that in the future of Instagram, this new feature will provide more control for IG users on the social media platform.  

Therefore, if you think that seeing the like counts can negatively impact your mental health, or if you want to test out hiding likes for whatever reason you may have, continue reading this post. Here is a complete guide on how to hide likes on Instagram. So let’s get started!

What Is the Purpose of Instagram Likes

Before learning how to hide likes on Instagram, let’s answer the question: Do Instagram likes still matter? The answer is yes. Whether you decide to hide Instagram likes or not, they continue to have a crucial impact on the Instagram algorithm, helping your IG page grow further. 

Instagram likes are a clear indication that you have an active and engaged following. Moreover, they will boost your online credibility and visibility. So even if the number of likes is not public, it is still an important social signal for the platform. Therefore, you should have an effective strategy in place to get more Instagram likes and engagement on your content marketing ideas.  

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How to Hide My likes on Instagram 

Now, let’s return to our main topic concerning how to hide the number of likes on Instagram. If you don’t care about how many likes you get or hate Instagram when used as a popularity contest, it is a good idea to hide likes on Instagram for a while to see whether this new feature works for you or not. 

Learning how to hide how many likes you got on Instagram is simple, and you can easily do it directly from the app on your smartphone.

How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram Posts before They Go Live 

You can hide likes on Instagram before publishing your content on the platform. Please follow the steps below to find out how to hide your likes on Instagram before sharing them:

  1. Add an Instagram post as you usually do.
  2. On the final screen before posting, scroll down and tap Advanced Settings.
  3. On the top of the screen, turn on “Hide Like and View Counts on This Post.
  4. Then tap the back arrow and select “Share” to post your image or video.
How to Hide Likes on Instagram before sharing a post
Hide Like and View Counts on This Post

Pro Tip: Be sure you know about the best times to post on Instagram and the right social media image sizes before you go ahead with your posts!

How to Hide Likes on Instagram Posts You Have Already Published

Now, let’s see how to hide the number of likes on Instagram posts you have already shared. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to a post where you want to hide Instagram likes.
  2. Tap the three dots above your post in the right corner.
  3. Simply tap “Hide Like Count.”
How to Hide Likes On Instagram After Publishing a Post
Hide Likes on Instagram
  1. It’s all done! Now, your likes won’t be visible to others. You will only see Liked by [username] and others below the post. Note that the bulk hide feature is not yet available, so you have to apply these steps for each post you want to hide like count on Instagram. 

Can You Still See the Number of Likes You Receive on Your Posts

Please note that although users have options on how to hide likes on Instagram for their followers, they can still view how many people have engaged with your post and who they are with a few taps. If you tap on “others” in liked by [X and others], you will see the complete list of people who liked a post.  

how to hide likes on Instagram

How to Get Rid of Likes on Instagram 

In this section, we will focus on how to hide likes on Instagram as you scroll through different accounts on the app. Learning how to hide how many likes on Instagram, as a general rule, will allow you to escape Instagram’s popularity contest and concentrate more on meaningful posts than the most popular ones. Here is how to turn off Instagram public like counts: 

  1. First, go to your Instagram profile. 
  2. From there, tap the upper-right menu (i.e., the three black lines) and choose Settings.
  3. Then hit Privacy and navigate to “Posts.”  
  4. Finally, turn on “Hide Like and View Counts.” It is the first option at the top of the page. Now, when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you won’t see like counts anymore. 
How to Hide Likes On Instagram App

How to See Likes on Instagram Again 

The new feature of Instagram removing likes is fully reversible so that you can stop it at any time. If you have decided to hide likes on Instagram, either on your own or on others’ posts, you can always change your mind and return Instagram likes gone. 

Whenever you want to see likes on Instagram posts from others again, do the following:

  • Go to your Privacy settings and turn off the toggle next to Hide Likes and View Counts.

To display Instagram likes on your posts, make the following changes: 

  •  Navigate to the post, tap the three dots, and select Unhide Like Count.

Try AiGrow’s Monitoring App 

Sometimes, Instagram users need to track other IG accounts and see the number of likes for each post. They may require this information for professional reasons. For example, as a marketer, you may need to track your competitors or influencers and analyze their performance according to each post. 

With this new feature of Instagram removing likes, people keep asking: how can I see someone’s liked posts? Using an efficient Instagram monitoring app like AiGrow is the solution. 

AiGrow allows you to track unlimited Instagram accounts without having to follow them. With the help of this platform, you can see the total number of likes and comments on each post, even when they are hidden. To access this feature, you can follow these steps:

  • Sign up on AiGrow and connect your Instagram account.
  • On your dashboard, click on ‘Manage’ and choose the ‘Posts & Scheduling’ tab.
  • Now, select ‘Listening & Repost’ then ‘Account Monitoring.’
  • Finally, click on the ‘Add More Accounts’ button to choose the IG pages you want to monitor!

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FAQs on How to Hide the Likes on Instagram

This section provides definitive answers to some frequently asked questions concerning how to remove likes from Instagram. Would you mind exploring some of them?

1- Why Should You Learn How to Hide Likes on Instagram?

You can turn off likes on Instagram for various reasons. Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. You can focus more on the content itself rather than just seeing liked posts on Instagram.   
  2. Learning how to hide likes on Instagram gives you more control over what you see and share. 
  3. Hiding like counts may create a more relaxing and private experience for some Instagram users. It can help lessen the harm, pressure, and anxiety from social comparison and online performance intended to impress others. As a result, this new feature can provide a more positive and healthier space online. 
  4. This recent change in how to hide likes on Instagram may assist IG users in shifting their focus to other key marketing metrics like link clicks, comments, reach, saves, etc., when planning their social media strategies.
  5. You can also turn off likes on Instagram simply for trying something new. 

2- To Hide or Not to Hide? Which is Better for You?

There are many user privacy settings in Instagram, including those related to likes. Not seeing like counts can be beneficial for some while annoying to others.

Some IG users need to follow likes to see what is trending or popular, while others may prefer to manage the pressure online by turning them off. Hence, this test affected users in various ways. While some appreciated the less pressurized and more carefree version of Instagram without likes, others were furious about it and even considered boycotting the platform!  

In short, whether or not you should hide your Instagram likes is entirely up to you. Hence, you have the choice to hide like count on Instagram according to your personal preferences. Now, you should decide for yourself which alternative is suitable for you. 

3- Should Businesses or Influencers Consider How to Hide Likes on Instagram? 

Remember that people’s needs are different. What one person wants from their Instagram experience is different from what another person wants. Therefore, if you are an influencer or marketer who uses Instagram to boost your online business, you may need to keep Instagram likes visible as social proof. Simply put, the high number of likes on Instagram represents credibility and legitimacy for many brands and influencers.

Nevertheless, since the decision on how to hide likes on Instagram is optional, it will not have a tremendous effect. However, it might still have significant implications for users, businesses, and influencers in the long run.

With that being said, for a brand that has just started to launch or grow a presence on the platform with a low number of likes, testing the path on how to hide the amount of likes on Instagram might be beneficial. It’s a clever trick for hiding the number of likes on your posts, especially if you’re not very popular yet. After all, subconsciously or consciously, low like counts can negatively affect your followers’ perceptions. Therefore, hiding this count will help IG users view your posts more objectively.

4- Can You Hide Like Count on Instagram from a PC? 

Instagram works hard to promote mobile application use. That is why many features are disabled for PCs, such as the option to turn off likes on Instagram. Thus, for testing how to hide likes on Instagram, you will need the Instagram app for iOS or Android.

Final Words on How to Turn Off Instagram Likes

In conclusion, Instagram has now put the ball in your court regarding hiding or unhiding your like counts.  Hopefully, this complete guide on how to hide likes on Instagram has been helpful for you in making a more informed decision. 

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