How to organically grow your Instagram?

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In this era, technology plays an important role in every aspect of our lives. Undoubtedly, social media websites are one of the tools we all use during the day. These tools help us communicate, share feelings and ideas, and also find and purchase the products and services we want. Certainly, by having about 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites all around the world. Hence, naturally, brands, companies, and agencies use it to attract more people and gain more potential customers. By the way, growing on Instagram may take a great deal of time and also patience. So, how can you grow on Instagram organically? 

In this article, we introduce 8 simple tips that will help you grow on Instagram without buying followers, using bots or any other unpractical ideas. So just keep reading and then, enjoy your Instagram growth! 

How to Grow Instagram Organically?

Growing on Instagram can be literally beneficial. If you grow on Instagram you can attract more people, sell more products, and succeed in your Instagram business. Actually, Instagram users, especially business accounts search for the fastest way possible to grow on Instagram. In this way, sometimes people lose their accounts because of using Instagram bots, getting fake likes, comments, and followers, and hacker third-parties. So, if you don’t want to lose your account when growing it, you have to try your best to grow Instagram organically. In the following sections, we mention 8 simple things you must do to achieve your goals. So, stay tuned!

#1 Get Your Instagram Managed

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The very first step you must take in order to grow Instagram organically and gain more attractions is to get your Instagram managed. Unquestionable, to have a successful business on Instagram, you have to post regularly, share qualified posts, keep interacting with your followers, use all the Instagram features, keep up with a specific theme and much more than these. However, this may take a great deal of time. And also, most of the companies have multiple accounts on Instagram to get more managed and also share content from different perspectives. But how can you manage to do all these things in a shorter time and with more precision? 

Fortunately, there are some Instagram management tools that will help you solve this issue. One of the best Instagram management platforms you can use is AiGrow. AiGrow is a tool that offers a complete package of features and using it, you can be sure that your business is in the right hands. Some of the best features of this platform are as follows:

  • Scheduling posts and stories
  • Repost content 
  • Manage multiple accounts at a place
  • Share posts on multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Run Instagram giveaways
  • Edit, crop, and upload up to 10 photos/videos
  • Get real followers, likes, and comments using engagement pods
  • Send bulk DMs
  • Create all-in-one links

And much more than this. So, obviously, using this platform you can get more managed and tackle your time-consuming considerations. 

AiGrow offers many plans that can cover your needs best. However, to use all the features mentioned above and manage your Instagram account(s) more professionally, you can use the VIP or Pro-managed package. The prices of each one and supported features are as follows:

AiGrow grow packages

Here’s a complete guide of using this amazing tool:

#2 Appear on The Instagram Explore Page

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One of the best ways to grow Instagram organically is to try your best to appear on the Instagram explore page. Actually, the Instagram explore page is where users can find posts related to their interests and discover new products to purchase on Instagram. Instagram algorithms show posts that are mostly liked or viewed, or in one word, are popular at the time you visit the explore page. Fortunately, appearing on this page helps you grow organically because you will receive real attractions from real Instagram users. But how to appear on Instagram explore page? 

Undoubtedly, there are so many simple tasks you must do to do so. However, the most important things you should care about are the quality of your content and also your engagement rate. Certainly, you must try your best to gain a great number of followers and receive numerous likes and comments to become popular on Instagram. But if you have ever tried to do so, you know how hard it is. But don’t worry. Nothing is impossible. Using the AiGrow engagement pods and scheduler, you can make sure that not only your content will have a good quality, but also they will attract a huge number of audiences. So, open the website right now, check the features, and sign up for free. Also, the VIP-managed package offered by this platform is highly recommended.

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#3 Grow Instagram Organically by Posting at the Best Time Possible

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If you ever viewed reports and analytics of your Instagram account, you know that sometimes most of your followers are online for sure. Actually, these analytics give you a good approximation of the time that your audiences are using Instagram and you can intellectually use this fact to grow Instagram organically. Luckily, there are many tools and apps out there that can inform you about the best time to post on Instagram. But what if you know the time and this is not in during the time you work on Instagram? 

Fortunately, this is not a big deal at all! You can simply use an Instagram scheduler to solve this problem and post it at the best time possible. As mentioned above, AiGrow is a complete package of features that helps you manage your Instagram account more professionally. Using the AiGrow scheduler, you can upload your posts, write down the caption, set the date and time and sit to see the post sharing at the right time automatically. 

#4 Share Quality Content

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Another thing you must never forget is the quality of the posts you share! Unquestionably, the quality of images shared on social media websites, especially on business accounts, play an important role in people’s perspective. If you share unqualified posts, users will not have a good view of the products. Hence, you may also lose your followers. However, taking good photos and videos, editing them properly, and share them at the best time possible needs a lot of time, patience and accuracy. So, how can you solve it? 

Actually, to take a good shot, you need professional cameras. And to edit photos, you need advanced photo editors. So, you may need a computer to copy the images and edit your photos and as you know, Instagram doesn’t let users post content using the official desktop version. Here, you can use AiGrow to post using your PC. And also, as all the things mentioned takes a lot of time, you can use AiGrow to repost content from other Instagram pages. Moreover, you can schedule what you want to repost. Hence, don’t miss the chance to use this amazing tool and grow Instagram organically.:)

#5 Share Videos


Fortunately, Instagram allows users to also share videos. Actually, it has shown that users prefer to see videos on Instagram and know the features of the products, see tutorials about using them, and also the ways they can be used! So, they can help you to grow Instagram organically faster than before. Luckily, Instagram allows users to share videos in different ways. You can share videos on feed, on stories, and also on IGTV. Each of these types allows you to share videos up to a specific length. So, before creating and uploading your videos, find out more about Instagram video features and lengths

#6 Use HashTags


Hashtags are keywords that help people find and engage with posts they like. Moreover, they can be pretended as a tool that you can use to describe the purpose of what you have shared and also inform people what it contains. So, when you use hashtags, especially trending ones, you can gain more attractions and let people find your content to engage with! 

Fortunately, AiGrow can help you with this one too! Using the AiGrow hashtag tool, you can insert all the necessary ones in the first comment right after the post has been shared. Moreover, you can use location tags and target people around you! So, do not forget to use them in order to grow Instagram organically faster than before. 

#7 Engage with Your Audience

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An essential step you must take to grow Instagram organically is to engage with your followers and communicate with them! Actually, when you interact with your followers, no matter if you do it using comments or DMs, you are increasing your Instagram engagement rate. So, be creative and find some ways to have more attractions with your audiences. But how can you do it? There are so many ways to do so. For instance, you can:

  • Ask your followers for their opinion about your products
  • Do not share the product prices to make them ask for it
  • Hold Q&A sessions
  • Ask them for suggestions after purchasing 

And other creative ideas you might have! Fortunately, AiGrow can be helpful here too. Because it has an auto-response to comments features that will help you to communicate with people even when you are offline! So, get there and sign up now!

#8 Grow Instagram Organically via Stories

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It seems like Instagram users like stories more than posts shared on feed. Stories are temporary posts that will be deleted automatically after 24 hours and they are shown on the top part of the screen. Actually, stories can help you to grow Instagram organically for so many reasons. First of all, these posts are really catchy and attract more viewers. Moreover, they have more features than the usual ones. For example, you can ask questions on them, get over polls and votes, ask people for their feelings using emojis, and also share products or purchase links. So, try them to ensure your Instagram growth. If you wonder about creating amazing stories on Instagram, click here and see some wonderful ideas. 


To sum it up, growing on Instagram is one of the most important goals of Instagram users. Today, most of the companies and brandings use this platform to gain more audiences and sell their products more productively. On the other hand, Instagram has some strict limitations and blocks users who use bots and engines to get fake attractions and ditch the Instagram algorithms. Hence, it is essential to know the best way to grow Instagram organically. In this article, we discussed 8 simple tips that will help you achieve this goal. Also, we introduced AiGrow, an Instagram management platform that helps you to schedule posts, repost content, share content using a PC, auto-response comments, and also get real likes and follows using the engagement pods. So, try it for free and grow organically! 🙂

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