Gramiety All-Inclusive Review 2022: Is It A Scam?

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In this post, we will analyze Gramiety from different perspectives to determine whether you should consider investing in it or not.

If you are thinking about using Gramiety or perhaps searching for a better alternative among the best IG growth services, continue reading this post. It is crucial to choose the right service; if not, you may damage your IG account or create a negative reputation for your profile. Now, let’s get started and check out what Gramiety can (or cannot) do for you.  

What Is an Organic Instagram Growth Service

Before getting to the review and finding out whether growth services are worth it, let’s find out how such tools function! 

With over two billion active users worldwide, Instagram is a competitive yet highly powerful platform to improve your online presence and authority in your niche. With so much competition, it can take tons of time and effort to attract a target audience on Instagram and keep them engaged on your page. Only when you have a loyal and engaged following can you convert them into customers and boost your revenues and sales. 

Inactive or fake followers have no benefit but decrease your engagement rate. Thus, if you leverage the benefits of the best Instagram growth service, you can get more organic and targeted followers safely and quickly. It can help you increase your engagement on your account and bring more visibility to your business page. 

Nevertheless, in the crowd of so many Instagram growth services available in the market, how can you choose an organic one to grow your audience meaningfully and strategically, not with fake followers and bots? 

To answer that, we reviewed some Instagram growth services like:

These reviews aim to help you decide which ones are reliable and which ones are not.  

Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive Gramiety review, you will find out if it can help grow your Instagram account organically or if it is a scam that you must avoid.

What Is Gramiety

Gramiety is an online Instagram growth service that claims it can accelerate your real Instagram followers. They guarantee that you will receive between 500 to 150,000 new Instagram followers each month!

Moreover, they claim organic, targeted, and 100% risk-free growth. 

But wait for a second! Which growth plan can provide such results? We know that there is absolutely no way that any Instagram growth company could deliver such impressive results. Also, they do not explain the growth methods they use to boost Instagram followers.   

Are they honest with their customers, or is it merely a scammy way to attract high-dollar accounts without having to do anything differently?

How Does Gramiety Work

To get started with Gramiety, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the official website of Gramiety. 
  2. Next, you need to choose one of their three growth plans.  
  3. Enter the required information and schedule a call.
  4. Complete the payment process. Once you’ve done this, the Gramiety team will contact you, talking about your Instagram goals, target audience, and what you hope to accomplish by working with them. 

Once you define your target audience, they’ll engage with target accounts on your behalf. Moreover, with pro-pack growth packages, they will run influencer contests or giveaways to bring more followers to your page. 

According to the website, they won’t ask for your Instagram password. However, it is not valid, and with a cheaper plan (i.e., the Standard Growth Plan), they will ask for your Instagram username and password! 

Note: If you provide them with your Instagram password, you may risk having your IG account banned or deleted.

Gramiety Features

Some of the features they claim to offer are

  1. Allegedly Real Follower Growth
  2. Content Creation & Repurposing
  3. Posting and Captioning
  4. Influencer Marketing: Gramiety claims it can boost your IG account by running Instagram loop giveaways. However, the company conceals the fact that a vast number of followers gained through this method are more likely to unfollow your page once the giveaway or contest ends. 
  5. Running Instagram Ads
  6. Analytics Tool 

Gramiety Pricing

The Gramiety Instagram growth service offers three pricing tiers, starting from $79 to $750 for Gramiety pro. Although they claim to offer different features with each plan, the lists underneath them look almost similar.

For example, their Premium Growth plan provides the same features as the Standard Growth plan except for the fastest daily growth. There is no mention of any additional features or proof on how to grow Instagram followers with different results, aside from the higher price tag of $129/month.

They also have a high-growth plan that costs more than $750 per month. The company does not explain why they charge more for their services and how they are different.

Gramiety is incredibly overpriced for what they offer, especially compared to other services that provide the same features at much lower prices.

If you want to skyrocket your following at a reasonable price, please continue reading to learn about a better alternative below. 

Gramiety Reviews 

Let’s begin with Grameity reviews on Trustpilot. 

The Gramiety Ranking on Trustpilot

First, we have to admit that we agree with the Small business blog that Grameity has paid people to say good things about their tool. Also, when we checked Scamadviser and Alexa, we found that Gramiety’s trust score is very deficient. This inconsistency makes absolutely no sense. Because of these contradictory user ratings, the Gramiety reviews on Trustpilot do not appear authentic.

Almost all 5-star reviews are one-sentence reviews saying generic things. Interestingly, this tool has no 4, 3, or 2-star user ratings. It’s a classic example of Trustpilot’s platform being abused.

It is a ploy used by companies like Gramiety to boost their review numbers and make them look good even though they are very risky. 

As you can see, a few genuine Gramiety reviews point to some alarming aspects of their services, including terrible communication, contradictory information provided by employees, and outsourced services that have nothing to do with their alleged US-based service. 

Moreover, these Gramiety Instagram reviews indicate that they received fake and irrelevant followers, no tangible results, and even lost followers by using the service. 

Although Gramiety claims that it offers a money-back guarantee, according to reviews, not all customers have received their refunds. 

We also noticed that with Gramiety, there would never be a dedicated account manager who cares about your growth strategies. It’s an enormous disappointment to spend so much money without receiving a responsive account manager.

Additionally, to improve its reputation, the company has taken the trouble to respond to negative comments, claiming those are all fake reviews! What a ridiculous excuse. 

Gramiety Pros and Cons

It will be easier for you to evaluate if this service will fulfill your needs by looking at its strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s get started: 


  • Gramiety has an HTTPS secure website. We identified SSL encryption, meaning that the data shared between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be stolen by hackers.
  • There is visible pricing on their website. 
  • They have a FAQ and Help Page on their website. 
  • Phone consultations are available.


  • The official website has no ‘about page.’ 
  • There is no mention of the team members behind the scenes. The identity of the website owner is also hidden.
  • There is no way to verify the authenticity of reviews on the website. 
  • They do not offer 24/7 customer support. 
  • Your payment information is at risk since they do not use an authenticated, verified payment system.
  • It violates Instagram’s copyright, which is a legal matter. 
  • They do not offer any free trial. 
  • It sounds very shady and vague.
  • It requires your Instagram username and password.
  •  Their blog is not active.

AiGrow: The Best Alternative to Gramiety 

AiGrow is a well-known manual Instagram growth service to boost your Instagram account organically and safely. AiGrow is an organic and manual tool that does not charge for bots or other spammy methods.

With AiGrow, a human growth team is put in place to assist you in meeting your social media marketing strategies. Unlike Grameity, you will be assigned to one experienced and dedicated account manager to help you obtain more engaged and targeted Instagram followers. Your account manager will also help improve your engagement, growth, and content strategies.  

AiGrow combines human resources with advanced AI technology to drive more qualified traffic to your site. You can learn more about this fantastic service by checking out this complete AiGrow review

Guarantee your success with AiGrow right now!

How Does AiGrow Work 

  1. Sign up for AiGrow now and add as many Instagram accounts as you like to your dashboard. 
  2. Then choose the account your want to promote and click on the ‘Growth’ tab.
  3. Next, you should specify your targets based on your location, hashtags, competitor, or relevant accounts.
  4. Following this step, AiGrow will connect you with its experienced team and improve your account for guaranteed following and engagement. AiGrow’s powerful AI-powered engine will provide a list of qualified, organic Instagram followers who care about your products or services.

If your question isn’t addressed here, you can contact AiGrow’s customer support team by email. They are always available to assist users and offer free one-to-one appointments to help set up your account.

AiGrow Features

  1. Automated DM Marketing Tool
  2. Instagram Post, Story, and IGTV Scheduling Tool
  3. Post & Reward Tool: Post and Reward is an Instagram reward campaign manager. You’ve probably seen those Instagram posts asking you to follow a page and tag a friend to win a prize. That’s what AiGrow’s Post and Reward tool does for you in an automated way and with additional features.
  4. PostMate Feature: This feature will assist you in content creation strategies. 
  5. Link-In-Bio Tool:  This tool allows you to add as many links as you wish to your profile.  
  6. A Dedicated Account Manager
  7. Manual Growth Activities
  8. Content Repost Tool 
  9. Mass Delete Feature
  10. AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Tool: This tool will help you host giveaways on Instagram more effectively and pick your winners within seconds!
  11. AI-Powered Targeting Options 
  12. 24×7 Customer Support
  13. Social Monitoring + Analytics Tool
  14. Hashtag Generator Tool
  15. Managed Growth Plans 
  16. Mass Unfollow Tool

As you can see, AiGrow is a complete platform that includes all the features you’ll need to succeed on Instagram. It provides every tool you may need to manage and grow your account.

Get started with AiGrow now to enjoy all the tools in one place.

AiGrow Pricing 

AiGrow’s prices are affordable and fair when compared with Gramiety. AiGrow offers an extensive range of helpful tools and a professional account manager to boost your organic Instagram followers safely and securely. As a result, AiGrow’s pricing provides excellent value.

AiGrow's Growth Plans

AiGrow Vs. Gramiety; Final Verdict.

Features GramietyAiGrow 
Instagram giveaways and contests 
DM marketing tool 
Organic Growth 
Advanced Targeting Options 
Real Engagement 
Hashtag Targeting 
Personal account manager 
Providing Instagram content strategy assistance
Sustainable growth 
Designed templates for content (feeds/stories).
Instagram scheduling tool
All-in-One Bio-Link Tool
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram unfollow tool
Social Media Monitoring Tool 
Human-driven + advanced-AI Growth Growth Strategy
24/7 customer service
Price $79,$129, $750$99, $129, $169

FAQs on Gramiety 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Gramiety’s Instagram growth service. We invite you to have a look at them. 

Q1. Is Gramiety Legit? 

Generally speaking, we do not think that Gramiety is legit. They are copyrighting Instagram’s name by using the phrase ‘gram’ in their name. The terms’ gram’, ‘insta,’ and ‘IG’ belong to Instagram through legal copyright. Therefore, any infringement of these terms would be illegal, and Grameity violates this rule. 

A few bots and other companies related to Instagram have been shut down for violating the company’s legal copyright. For instance, Instagress was shut down for this reason. Therefore, using this tool is very risky and illegal. Imagine what would happen to your Instagram account if the company shut down due to these violations.

Q2. How to Get Gramiety Coupon Code?

You can check the Gramiety discount and coupon codes by clicking here. At the top of this page, you will always see the best discount codes first.

To begin, copy the discount code. Enter the code on Gramiety’s website during checkout. You will either see a confirmation message of your savings or an error if the code does not work. 

Q3. Are you Required to Sign a Contract to Use the Service?

Indeed, there is no contract. But you should cancel your subscriptions three business days before your next rebill date.

While this sounds great, it also means that they could disappear one day, and you would not be able to argue a robust case against them. 


After thorough research of Gramiety, we do not recommend them for your Instagram growth. First of all, Gramiety is too expensive. Apart from the higher price tag, it does not offer anything different from the leading Instagram management services

They claim that their services are 100% risk-free, which is hard to believe given that they seem to be just another Instagram bot. By choosing the wrong name, they also violate Instagram’s copyright rules. Furthermore, their lack of customer support, needing your password, unreliable payment gateways, and contradictory trust ratings on various review sites raise serious concerns. Thus, we do not recommend Gramiety as one of the proven Instagram growth tools due to the red flags identified throughout the review. So, we believe Gramiety is lying and using bots.

AiGrow is an easy-to-use and complete platform that offers a wide range of helpful features, including a dedicated account manager and manual growth strategy. It provides 24/7 customer support, with a higher trust score on Trustpilot and Scamadviser.

Additionally, AiGrow’s growth plans are more affordable. These reasons make AiGrow a better option than Gramiety. Go with AiGrow to grow your Instagram following and engagement 100% organically and safely. 

Give AiGrow a try now and get guaranteed results.