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Instagram success has turned into a determining factor in your business pursuits. And to ensure success, many brands and personal accounts alike try to get more organic followers and likes. Yet, since organic growth and engagement don’t come easily, several individuals decide to buy likes for the Instagram app!

 Such Instagram growth services can either ruin your chances or help you reach your goals. If you want to get more Likes on Instagram, you’re better off getting more likes on the Instagram app, which grants more likes from real accounts, instead of buying Likes in bulk from inactive or fake accounts that will put your account at risk of the new Instagram algorithm. To help you do that, we put together a list of apps you can use to get more Likes on Instagram. But before you sign up for one of these apps and start getting likes, let’s see if you need to make all the effort at all?

If you are not interested in the details and do not need a tutorial, start using the best Instagram likes app. (1 week Free likes Trial plus other tools to get more engagement on the Instagram app).

Best Instagram Likes App To Get Real Likes

Despite the fact that there are more than 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, growing likes and followers on Instagram is time-consuming and challenging. Knowing a reliable Instagram likes app can work miracles for you.

However, getting more Instagram likes with the help of safe Instagram likes apps is a big challenge for many users on the Instagram app. Due to the strict Instagram algorithms, limitations, and several dangerous apps, using bots and fake likes to increase your Instagram engagement rate is not recommended at all. Plus, services that promise free likes on the Instagram app aren’t trustworthy because they will probably only provide fake likes from fake accounts!

In the following, we introduce a Likes app to get real likes without getting shadow-banned and exceeding Instagram limits. So, stay tuned.

The following video will guide you more through getting real Instagram likes:

Now, here’s a chosen list of apps for Instagram likes:

AiGrow: All-In-One Instagram Likes App For Guaranteed Likes

AiGrow is one of the most popular and trusted Instagram likes apps around. Furthermore, the platform has some other tools for scheduling posts, growing followers, unfollowing accounts, automating DMs, etc. However, here we are, focusing on how to get likes with AiGrow.


An Ai-powered system combined with a team of Instagram experts has made the platform stand out among all Instagram followers apps. The package includes AI-targeting, manual growth activities (likes, follows, comments, DMs), content creation and scheduling, an all-in-one bio link, and access to other tools.

All these tools packed with guaranteed growth and a professional team of managers are all that an Instagram marketing service should have. To use the AiGrow services, you do not need to install any apps; sign up on the platform from any device and start using the app.

AiGrow Features To Get IG Likes

AiGrow features
AiGrow features

Here are some of the best Instagram likes app features that’ll help you get more real likes on Instagram:

The best app to get likes on Instagram for iPhone or Android should offer a team of experts to address your concerns and consider different strategies with you. AiGrow managed to provide such a team to its clients! Their professional account managers help you get more IG followers, views, comments, and likes organically. 

Using this feature, you can share your posts during the best times and get more real likes. So, not only is AiGrow the best Instagram likes app but also it’s an ideal scheduler!

!This helps you cross-promote your social media accounts and boost your engagement on different channels. So, if you thought AiGrow is just an app for likes on Instagram, think again!

  • Use ‘Listen and Repost’ to get more likes on the Instagram app:

Using the “listening” tools, you can monitor different hashtags on Instagram and track your followers and competitors. This way, you’ll find viral content on Instagram and know what to post on Instagram to get more real likes. Also, you can repost posts and stories conveniently

Want to know how your Instagram measures up? This tool is exactly what you need. Just let AiGrow analyze your page and report how you measure up to 20,000+ Instagram accounts on Instagram today.

Using the DM tools, you will automatically reply to your direct messages or even send bulk DMs to your followers. This way, they’ll get notified about new posts, and you receive more likes.

  • Giveaway Picker tool:

Have you ever thought of hosting giveaways on Instagram but preferred not to do it because you were too busy?! Well, lack of time and energy shouldn’t hold you back anymore! With an effective giveaway or contest, you don’t need to buy likes with Instagram apps, you can drive real interaction with your giveaway rules!

And finally, you can pick the winners with AiGrow’s giveaway picker. So, AiGrow is not just one of the Instagram likes apps for Android or iPhone but a comprehensive tool for management and organic growth!

So, wait no more and guarantee your success with AiGrow!

AiGrow Pricing

Here is the list of the packages offered by AiGrow:

AiGrow pricing
AiGrow pricing

Using these packages, you will get more real likes on Instagram and get more followers. Additionally, you will be provided with the opportunity to use all their features in one user-friendly dashboard.

However, we think their best pack is the 6-Month Pro Pack, which helps you get 4000 new targeted followers organically plus saves money. 

To get likes on Instagram with this app and ensure your organic growth, try AiGrow right now!

Buy Likes on Instagram with Apps (iOS)

So far, we’ve introduced AiGrow, one of the safest apps to get more likes on Instagram. AiGrow performs perfectly for all accounts and on all operating systems. So, even if you’re looking for iOS apps for Instagram likes, you can count on it! 

But, if you are an iOS user and prefer to use an installed application to get more likes on Instagram, here’s the best choice:

2) EasyTags – Likes On Instagram


EasyTags is a know-it-all-like application. It allows you to create and use tag groups to apply to your Instagram posts to increase likes and findability. 

  • You can apply built-in groups of tags to conserve time and also build your lists of tags.
  • It provides you with categories of hashtags such as selfies, quotes, America, nature, Europe, Asia, Christmas, Middle East, Funny, Halloween, New Year, etc.
  • It offers you the most popular tags like; love, likeforlike, tags4likes, Instagood, cute, like4like, and so on.
  • It is free.

So, if you’re looking to buy likes on Instagram with free apps, EasyTags is an available option!

Buy Likes on Instagram with Apps (Android)

You can also buy likes for Instagram with available Android apps. Let’s see what tools are available!

3) Turbo Like – Free Likes


TurboLike provides you with other Instagrammers’ likes who are genuinely interested in your feed.

How to buy likes on Instagram with these apps:

It’s so easy. It only takes 3 steps:

  • First, you view photos and like them to get free coins. 
  • Then,  spend the earned coins to get likes from other users. 
  • Finally, view a real-time report of your orders for likes.

To understand how TurboLike works, you can read our review here!

Safe Instagram Likes Apps For PC

If you want to manage everything on your PC, we suggest you use AiGrow as an Instagram like-increasing app. However, if you want to insist on buying likes on Instagram with other apps, here’s another tool you can consider!

4) Get Likes App Android For PC

Looking for a PC application to increase the number of likes on Instagram? Get likes will come in hand for you.

How to Get More Likes On Instagram with an Android App:

  • First thing first, install BlueStacks on PC.
  • Launch BlueStacks on PC.
  • As BlueStacks is launched, click the ‘My Apps’ button in the emulator.
  • Search for: Get Likes
  • Install.
  • Log in to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks.

Now, you can enjoy your likes on Instagram with these apps. Yet, what you need to consider is that not all Instagram growth tools are worthy or reliable. So, you might end up with fake likes on the Instagram app, and once you lose your reputation, there’s no coming back!

What we recommend is that you try AiGrow since they employ human managers and promise organic results. This way, you won’t be stuck with fake apps only to get likes on Instagram!

5) Twicsy: Buy Likes on Instagram with Apps


Twicsy is an Instagram growth platform that enables you to purchase likes and different items. Using this tool, you can adjust the setting so as to automatically gain likes every time you post. 

However, like with all tools, there are risks involved. To find out if Twicsy options can fulfill your needs and expectations, go ahead and read our Twicsy review here!

6) Buzzoid


Buzzoid, often misspelled as Buzziod, is yet another available growth tool on the market. This tool allows you to buy likes, followers, and even views for your IG stories, posts, and reels. Yet, purchasing different items is not the ideal option for your growth. But if you’re determined to buy likes on Instagram with apps, you can read a full review of Buzzoid here so you can make an informed decision!

7) LikeStorm


This tool claims to have the largest instant likes packages. That is, once you buy your likes package, you will instantly receive them. However, is that a good thing?!

Getting more likes and followers instantly is quite risky since Instagram will be suspicious and since the Instagram terms of use are against third-party apps, your Instagram account will be shadowbanned. 

What To Post On Instagram To Get More Likes Instant And Free

Well, buying Instagram likes through growth apps is a method for increasing your followers and engagement rate. But what if you want to earn your organic growth yourself? What to post on Instagram to get more likes? Which types of photos get the most likes on Instagram? How to find what someone likes on Instagram? 

Nowadays, all Instagram users want to be seen more on Instagram, but having many followers is not the only way. If you want to be on the Instagram top search suggestions, you have to increase your engagement rate instead of growing followers. This is what the Instagram algorithm says. And one of the major factors here is how many likes you get for each post.

By posting appealing posts with aesthetic captions that can attract your target audience on IG, you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your likes. If you’re still not sure what appeals to your audience and what type of content can turn your followers into customers, then you’ll have to go through a phase of trial and error to get to know your audience. 

Bear in mind that giveaway and contest posts can truly push your followers to interact with your content. So, don’t forget to jump on this opportunity!

Get More Likes Instant And Free On Instagram In 3 Steps

Getting fast likes is working only for those who have lots of followers. So, if your following base number is low, you should gain more active followers first. But if you already have a lot of followers (over 10k, for example) and you get only a few likes per post (less than 100 likes, for example), this might happen for the reasons below:

  1. Your followers are not real (a bunch of fake or inactive followers).
  2. The post timing is not correct.
  3. Your posts are not interesting to your followers.

You can’t solve such problems by exploiting an Instagram fake-like app. But, you can indeed go for the “Listening and Repost” feature previously explored. By monitoring hashtags and tracking Instagram followers, you’ll detect high-quality content that people close to your niche are engaging with. 

You can also ask your social media manager to use the like-for-like method on the Instagram app so that your growth is genuinely organic. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for free on Aigrow and by knowing how to perform better, get more real likes on Instagram.

FAQ on How to Buy Likes on Instagram With Apps

We have provided a list that can help you buy likes on Instagram with apps. We also taught you how to increase likes for Instagram with each tool! Now, it’s time to answer some of your other questions!

1- Instagram Is Hiding Likes, Do you Still Need Instagram Likes Apps?

Although the Instagram app hides the number of likes from individuals, their concept has not been removed! As far as the like button is there for us to press or double-tap the post, it will be counted and plays a major role in Instagram engagement rates and post rankings. So, you MUST consider increasing the number of likes, and like apps are here to help you.

But, if you feel like you need your privacy and your follow count may cause anxiety, you can always learn how to hide your Instagram likes. Although hiding them doesn’t mean that your growth and engagement rate don’t depend on likes, it can make you feel more relaxed!

2- How Do Instagram Likes Affect Your Engagement Rate?

Instagram likes and comments have a direct link to your engagement rate. To understand why, you need to first understand how your engagement rate on Instagram is measured. If you divide the total number of likes and comments by the number of your followers, you’ll arrive at your engagement rate. 

That’s why driving more interaction from your audience is a must. Yet, you can’t just buy likes on Instagram with apps and think that you’re making progress! If you end up with fake likes and comments, Instagram will catch up to you and ban your account. To avoid such a big risk, you need a reliable platform. 

So, try AiGrow right now and guarantee your success!


If you are looking for some practices to boost your Instagram growth, an Instagram likes an app is a major option. Consider joining one of the tools mentioned above and grow your engagement rate. There are plenty of apps in the market, but those mentioned here are the top ones. 

Among these apps, AiGrow seems to have better performance since the likes are from real people. It also has some other tools to help you better manage your Instagram page. You can create a free account from here and test the results yourself.

Finally, if you know of any other apps to get more likes on Instagram, drop them in the comments below! 😉