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If you are a businessman, an influencer, or a marketer and have an Instagram page, you may look for a growth tool to wholly or partly manage your account.  Flock Social is one of the novice services that make big claims to help you grow your Instagram and TikTok.

There are several services that can help you expand your IG account, but you must be careful to select the best one. Generally, the best Instagram growth services do not employ bots. They help you expand your Instagram organically, which is the most effective way.

In this piece, we’ll go over a full Flock Social review to see if it’s worth using. In addition, because we want to help you choose the best solution, we present AiGrow, a comprehensive Instagram growth tool that will help you develop your Instagram instantly and organically.

What Is Flock Social

Flock Social, as previously said, is an Instagram growth tool that claims to provide actual engagement and high-quality followers. They insist on features such as targeted followers, hashtags, and competitors. It is good to have such features, but it is not enough!

Flock Social website
Flock Social website

In our view, a solid Instagram growth service is one that gives you access to a dashboard with all of the options you’ll need to fully manage your account, such as bulk deleting posts & followings or creating an all-in-one bio link. Aigrow not only provides all these features but also includes an amazing tool for mass DMs to facilitate your work!

A comprehensive investigation into the truth of Flock Social’s claims is also necessary. As a result, the following part will go deeper into their service.

How Does Flock Social Work

Flock Social asserts that it can assist you in gaining more organic followers. They accomplish this by engaging with other Instagram accounts. They stated that all you have to do is set your targeted options. The point is that they say, “our system follows users that fit your audience,” which leads us to believe they use bots to follow and unfollow people!

How Does Flock Social Work
How Does Flock Social Work

This is something that a genuine service never does. As you may know, using dangerous bots on Instagram is frowned upon. Instagram follower apps like AiGrow never employ bots to follow or unfollow you. They assign the responsibility to their human-based Instagram specialist.

So be cautious about using services like Flock Social that aren’t transparent about their service delivery process!

AiGrow, in contrast, gives you clear information about its service and features. You can sign up now and take advantage of their fantastic service.

Flock Social Features

Flock Social provides a dashboard for users to control and track their progress. However, the features they offer are not well-defined and detailed on their website. They just tried to put their customer experiences on their site, which seems fake. 

For the Flock Social login, you must first register an account, then answer a few questions so that you can begin. They claim to be able to locate profiles that are similar to yours. Then they supply you with services in accordance with the plan you have purchased. We compiled a list of its features.

1# Flock Social Dashboard

There aren’t many functions available on their dashboard. It only includes targeting and a home section that displays the status of your account! It would be quite plain and would have nothing to distinguish it!

Flock Social Dashboard
Flock Social Dashboard

You can also schedule interactions on your profile using this service. There is also an analytics tool that is available by purchasing both packages they have. Other features are as follows.

2# Auto-Engage with Followers

They claim that you should create a list of competitors, similar brands, and IG influencers. Then they will raise your engagement rate with relevant, high-quality users without you lifting a finger. There is a suspicion that they do it with bots, be cautious if you use this. Because it may endanger your account according to Instagram guidelines.

3# Target Audiences

The only thing they are certain of is their targeted approach! They claim to assist users with location-based targeting. They also offer competitor and hashtag targeting to customers. They think that doing so connects you to new people on a daily basis, and allows you to develop your target audience in a safe, organic, and successful manner.

4# Guaranteed Result

They offer to deliver 1,000 monthly followers, yet Instagram limits you to following no more than 200 people every day. To accomplish this, they must employ bots and bypass limitations, putting your account at risk of being banned or suspended.

5# Flock Social TikTok Growth

TikTok services are also available through this platform. Flock Social can help you gain more TikTok followers and likes. Between TikTok and the Instagram features they offer, there isn’t much of a difference. Users must link their TikTok accounts and select TikTok-based targets to grow their accounts and make money on TikTok.

Flock Social Packages and Pricing

Customers can choose between two bundles offered by Flock Social. One that is useful for personal accounts and provides target by location, hashtag and competitor targeting, advanced insights and analytics, and access to other Instagram features. The cost is $ 49, and the results are not guaranteed.

Flock Social Pricing
Flock Social Pricing

Another plan that is useful for businesses includes a personal account manager and a guarantee of at least 1000 new actual followers! Flock Social offers a 50% discount if you purchase the bundle annually. However, if users cancel the package, they will not refund their money and will continue to use the service until the payment term ends.

Flock Social Reviews

On the Trustpilot website, Flock Social has both positive and negative reviews as a media management company. Despite its 4.3 Trustpilot score, there are a lot of negative comments, which we screenshotted to share with you.

Flock Social Is a Deliberate Lie

According to one of Flock Social reviews, they just lie and don’t do their promises at all. It works temporarily and then stops operating. Additionally, they don’t deliver the 1000 followers that they are guaranteed to deliver, according to this review!

Flock Social reviews
Flock Social reviews

Another evaluation reveals that their provided tools are completely useless! Another thing that the Flock Social reviews indicate is the connection between this business and Jarvee, another growth service that we previously reviewed.

Flock Social review
Flock Social review

There are also complaints about being blocked by Instagram in the reviews. Another factor to consider is their customer service, which does not respond to emails. It’s a waste of time to use Flock Social!

Review of Flock Social
Review of Flock Social

There is also a Flock Social review on Reddit that expresses dissatisfaction with the platform. According to this, the targeting functionality, which is the service’s only strength, does not work effectively. So, instead of using this service, think about using anything else!

Flock Social Reddit Review
Flock Social Reddit Review

We previously investigated a variety of growth services to help you choose the right option. Among them are:

Flock Social Pros and Cons

As you can see, there is not a single feature that makes Flock Social stand out and on which you can count. The benefits and drawbacks of using this service for rapid access are outlined in this section. These are some of them:

Flock Social Pros:

  • It includes TikTok growth service.
  • Flock Social free trial is available.

Flock Social Cons:

  •  The targeting is weak.
  • The customer support is weak.
  • There is not many functional features on their dashboard.
  • Expensive price
  • Bad reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit websites.

Best Flock Social Alternative; AiGrow

AiGrow is one of the top Instagram growth services, with a variety of tools that help you expand all aspects of your Instagram account, including likes, followers, and comments, all while maintaining real engagement methods.

Best Flock Social Alternative; AiGrow
Best Flock Social Alternative; AiGrow

All the Instagram tools are available in one spot with AiGrow. You also don’t have to worry about Instagram blocking or restricting you. Because they handle every step of the process, including following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting, with a human-based team that is there to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Give AiGrow a try and achieve long-term Instagram growth with genuine engagement. The following are a few of the features.

AiGrow Incredible Features

AiGrow is the ideal alternative to other growth services. If you want professional features like all-in-one bio links, bulk delete, mass DM, and a variety of other essential options you’d better use it. They also feature advanced targeting options, so you can figure out who your content is good enough to put in front of and who you should be targeting.

AiGrow Incredible Features
AiGrow Incredible Features

1# AiGrow Dashboard

Their dashboard is quite extensive. You’ll get access to tools like the growth tool, bio link, direct messaging, post scheduler, bulk delete posts, and the giveaway picker tool. We’ll go over each one in-depth.

AiGrow Dashboard
AiGrow Dashboard

2# AiGrow Scheduler

You can create your post and share it right now or later with AiGrow’s scheduling. You can be more productive and save time by using an automated scheduling tool. This tool is used for weekly content curation and reposting previously published content at Instagram’s best hours.

3# AiGrow Bulk Delete IG Posts Tool

Instagram bulk delete posts allows you to delete all your IG posts at the moment. It’s really time-consuming for those who use Instagram professionally. By using this tool, you can save time and energy. If you have a business and want to bulk delete posts, you can sign up here right now.

4# AiGrow IG link In Bio Tool

This tool can be used to make a multi-link page for your bio. You are allowed to include as many buttons, contact forms, coupons, and feed posts as you want. You can improve traffic to your website while also integrating other connections, such as your Whatsapp link, in this way.

5# AiGrow IG Mass DMs Tool

It is possible to use Mass Direct messages to send out automatic messages. You have two options for checking and responding to your messages: either via direct messaging to an email address or through a dedicated inbox. You can pick between two packages based on your requirements.

You can purchase and use the DM – PRO and DM – Advanced packages. They are extremely beneficial to marketers and anyone looking to save time and effort. They’re seen in the screenshot below. You can sign up here to use the mass DMpro tool.

AiGrow Mass DMs Tool
AiGrow Mass DMs Tool

The items listed above are just a few of AiGrow’s options. AiGrow’s other unique features include:

  • AI-powered hashtags, competitors, and location research
  • Manual growth activities—follows, unfollows, likes, comments
  • Instagram account monitoring
  • Giveaway picker tool
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Reposting to story and feed 
  • Adding links in your bio to increase your credibility and brand awareness
  • Scheduling content to post on Instagram at the best time
  • Sending mass DM to your followers
  • 300+ new followers monthly
  • 24/7 support

So don’t waste any more time and sign up with AiGrow to gain access to all of these benefits.

AiGrow Packages

AiGrow has three pricing plans to choose from, as well as two mass deletion programs. Depending on your preferences, you can pick and choose from a selection of them. For example, their ‘pro managed weekly’ plan costs $29 for the first week and includes tools for scheduling feeds, IGTV, and stories, as well as designing giveaway posts and other features.

AiGrow Packages
AiGrow Packages

If you’re an Instagram user, AiGrow also offers “mass unfollow” and “bulk delete pro” options. Anyone with a lot of followers and posts who wants to remove them can use it. An Instagram account manager will be assigned to you if you don’t have enough time to remove them according to Instagram’s requirements.

AiGrow Packages
AiGrow Packages

AiGrow VS. Flock Social

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about these two services, you can easily determine which is the better option for you. Simply put, Flock Social has no chance against AiGrow. We compiled all of the features of these two platforms in the table below.

Features Flock SocialAiGrow
AI-powered technology 
Organic growth method. No bots, spam, or fake followers
Hashtag generator tool
Advanced filtering & targeting options
Growth with influencer marketing
Instagram analytics & social monitoring tools
Managed growth plans
Support in developing your Instagram content strategy
An experienced account manager will take care of your Instagram account (Manual Growth)
24/7 Support
No password required
Viewing Insta stories
The number of followers and success guaranteed
Content design template (feed/stories)
Scheduling Tool
Multiple links in bio
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram Mass unfollow tool
Mass DM marketing
Giveaway & contest picker
Fast delivery of services
Trustpilot Score 4.24.4 
AiGrow VS. Flock Social

FAQs on Flock Social

There may be some questions about this platform that remain unaddressed. We attempted to respond to them. If you have any additional questions, please ask them and we will respond as soon as possible.

1- Where Can I Find Flock Social Coupons?

If you explore the internet, you will find that there are many websites where coupons for this platform may be found. For instance, greenpromocode.com is a website that provides Flock Social promo codes to its users.

2- How Do I Can Log in to Flock Social 

To login into Flock Social, you just need to put in your email and password. To sign up and start using this platform you can sign up with your email and then purchase their packages.

3- Is It Necessary for  Users to Have a Business Account to Get Flock Social service?  

You do not require a business account in order to use the Flock Social platform. Alternatively, you can put it to use for your personal private account.

4- Are Flock Social Web Browser and This Platform the Same?

The Flock was a discontinued web browser that focused on social networking and Web 2.0 features incorporated right into its user interface. Flock 2.5 is a social networking and media platform that integrates social networking and media services. As a result, it has nothing to do with this platform.

Wrap Up

In the end, if you ask, is Flock Social good for IG users? We should answer no! When looking for a growth service, you must be wary of what some services say to trick people into buying their service. Such a service functions like an Instagram automation service and never grows your Instagram organically.

We strongly recommend that you use proven and trustworthy methods for Instagram engagement. 

As a result, experimenting with AiGrow as an alternative and comparing the results is a good idea.

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