Famoid Review: Is It Safe to Buy Famoid Followers?

Famoid Followers

If you have ever tried to buy Instagram followers to grow your accounts and get more engagements, you have definitely heard about Famoid. This Instagram followers app claims to bring an organic boost to your Instagram page. But is it real? Or is it safe to buy Instagram followers at all? In the following, I’ll answer all these questions and review all the Instagram services offered by Famoid. Let’s start. 

What is Famoid and How it Works?

Well, Famoid is more than just an Instagram follower seller. This website offers  Instgaram, Facebook, and YouTube services, meaning that you have the opportunity to buy likes, views, and interactions for all these channels. 

By the way, here, we just go through the Instagram services. They offer 4 different packages for your Instagram account growth: 

Famoid Growth Packages
Famoid Growth Packages

Let’s review them one by one: 

Famoid Followers Packages

Using the Famoid followers’ packages, you actually buy Instagram followers. According to user reviews on Trustpilot and other app review websites, the service brings your followers instantly. However, after a single day, all your gained followers will be lost. 

The reason behind this is that Famoid is offering spam and scam followers which are being blocked by Instagram. So, it seems like using this service to grow Instagram followers is just a waste of time. 

Famoid followers prices start from $5.95 with 250 followers and if you order 25000 followers, you have to pay $299.95. Here’s a more detailed list of its follower services: 

Famoid Followers
Famoid Followers Pricing
Famoid Followers
Famoid Followers Pricing

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Views Packages

The Famoid view packages just work for your Instagram videos. Meaning that if you want to get more views on Instagram videos, by purchasing one of the following packages, you’ll receive a number of views instantly. 

Views Pricing
Views Pricing

By the way, we don’t recommend you to use these packages at all for two reasons: 

  1. Some users claimed that they have not received their video views at all, 
  2. And if you get your views, they are from fake users with at most 1-2 followers. 

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Likes and Automatic Packages

As you may have noticed from the list of packages, Famoid offers two different packages for likes: likes, and automatic likes

The likes packages work for your previously shared posts on Instagram. So, if you want to get more likes on your past posts, you can purchase one of the following packages and get more likes on some specific posts: 

Likes Pricing
Likes Pricing

The automatic likes packages bring more likes to your future posts. If you purchase one of the following packages, if you share new posts on Instagram, for 30 days, you’ll get a specific number of likes on them:

Automatic Likes Pricing
Famoid Automatic Likes Pricing

Just before you purchase any plans from Famoid, note that similar to the Famoid followers and views, likes will be from spam and fake Instagram users and they may not increase your Instagram engagement rate in the long run. 

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Famoid Followers Pros and Cons

Well, here is a list of Famoid pros: 

  • Password is not required, 
  • Instant delivery, 
  • Economic packages in comparison to other followers sellers.

And here are some of its cons: 

  • Famoid followers will be lost after a short period of time, 
  • You won’t get engagement from real and active Instagram users, 
  • Some users’ reviews indicate that the services are not working at all, 
  • It may exceed Instagram action limits
  • And it doesn’t attract your target and niche-related followers. 

Best Famoid Followers Alternative for Real and Instant Results on Instagram

According to users’ reviews, features, and what we discussed in previous paragraphs, it seems like Famoid followers is not worth trying and you should look for a better alternative for organic growth on Instagram. 

We suggest you use AiGrow, which is an all-in-one Instagram growth service for marketing professionals. This amazing marketing service has a monitoring app, DM tool, and growth service that helps you attract your target followers. 

So, unlike Famoid, using it you get more active and interested followers who are less likely to unfollow you after a short time. To know more about AiGrow, click here and read our complete review of it

Final Thoughts 

To sum it, followers are an essential part of your business on Instagram and they help you build your brand and boost your sales. In this regard, most users try using Instagram followers apps to get their desired results in a shorter time. However, before purchasing any growth plans and packages, take a closer look at your chosen app and pick the best app for your needs more intellectually. Here, we reviewed Famoid, a popular followers app. Hope it helps!