How to Double Your Instagram Engagement? A Fast Solution

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Engagement, defined primarily by the number of comments, Likes, and views your posts receive, is how Instagram judges the quality of your content. The more engagement you receive, the more people are likely to discover your page, the more visitors are likely to convert to followers, and the more sponsorship opportunities you are likely to receive. If your posts aren’t receiving the amount of engagement they deserve, fortunately there is a way to double your Instagram engagement in less than 30 seconds.

One of the reasons why many brand managers find it difficult to boost engagement is not having enough time. With an ever-growing to-do list, it can seem almost impossible to grow your fan base and create engaging content while still taking the time to interact with your followers.

Fortunately, a tool like AiGrow allows you to automate many of the steps involved in boosting your Instagram engagement. This includes automating basic tasks like targeting, following new users, unfollowing fake accounts, direct messaging, and scheduling your content.

AiGrow not only makes it significantly easier to get more followers but also to stay in touch with your constantly-growing follower base.

This is thanks to one of AiGrow’s most effective features – being able to automatically respond to comments.

Here’s why the practice is so effective and how you can use it to double your Instagram engagement.

What Are Automatic Comments?

Comments are arguably most important kind of engagement, both in terms of building social proof and the amount of influence it carries in ranking high for your hashtags. The only problem with comments is that it can become difficult to respond to every single one of your followers.

AiGrow offers a feature that allows you to automatically respond to all comments left on your most recent posts. Because every comment influences your engagement rate, whenever you automatically respond to a comment left on your post, you are doubling your Instagram engagement rate.

Authentic Responses

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Worried about inauthentic responses? Don’t worry, AiGrow is already way ahead of you. You can create multiple auto responses (up to 100 custom responses) that will be used in rotation. This makes your responses more believable, prompting users to interact further while making them less likely to be flagged by Instagram.

Why Use It

What is the benefit of using automatic responses over monitoring and responding to each response individually?

First, you will make everyone who commented feel acknowledged and appreciated, not just those that you can manage to respond to in your limited time and energy. Your followers took the time to share how your post resonated with them, either giving you props or giving their opinion on your post. By responding to every single person who comments, you make everyone feel recognized and appreciated, which can encourage them to comment again, increasing your engagement in the future.

By automating your commenting process, you will double your Instagram engagement on each individual post. The more engagement your posts receive (including comments and likes), and the quicker your posts receive that engagement, the more likely your post will rank as a top posts when someone searches for your hashtags. Getting more eyes on your content increases the odds that you’ll secure more followers and more authentic engagement, helping your brand grow exponentially.

For example, if you create a post using the hashtag #InstaLove, and your post receives more engagement (Likes, comments, views, etc.) than the majority of the other posts using the same hashtag, you will be one of the first accounts to pop up when users enter that hashtag into the search bar.


You’re a busy person, but that doesn’t mean that your Instagram channel should suffer. By automating basic tasks like responding to followers, you will be able to grow your audience quickly while ensuring that your followers feel appreciated by your brand.

Try automatic comments by signing up for AiGrow for free and set up your account to double your Instagram engagement in less than 30 seconds.

Automatic comments not your thing? Try Instagram pods for another way to guarantee more engagement every time your post to Instagram.

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