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There are countless Instagram growth services, including Buzzoid, all claiming to help users grow followers and get more likes and views. In reality, only a handful of them are effective at helping you grow your IG account. Unfortunately, the majority are actually illegal bots, and Instagram cracked down hard on them after changing its algorithms.

As of now, using most of these services means violating Instagram’s guidelines and can lead to getting your account banned. Among the best Instagram growth services that promise to help you grow your IG followers organically, ‘Buzzoid’ claims to be a good one! That’s why you may be considering it as an option. 

You are perhaps wondering if Buzzoid, also misspelled as Buzziod, falls under the category of IG bots. Or you may ask, ‘Is Buzzoid legit?’ These are valid questions, and we’re here to provide accurate answers!

Before making any rash decisions, you need to put forward the right questions and find the right answers! In this Buzzoid review, we’ll dive deep into all the features of this IG followers app, and compare it with a more enhanced alternative like AiGrow; the best Instagram growth company in the market.

What Is Buzzoid

First, we’ll begin by explaining what Buzzoid is. Buzzoid, which some may also spell as Bizzzid, is one of the many online Instagram followers apps that provides you with followers, likes, and views to buy. It can be pretty tempting for new Instagrammers with a small audience, as growing an Instagram account from scratch seems to take too long.

Because Instagram algorithm prioritizes pages with higher engagement rate to show their content, the more you increase your engagement rate, the more you’ll boost your chances of getting more likes and views. But does buying Instagram followers increase your engagement rate? We don’t believe so.

Additionally, this platform doesn’t guarantee the delivery of its service and declares that by purchasing, you accept that they may not deliver Buzzoid likes or followers in the promised numbers. Hence, using this so-called Instagram growth agency is really risky. 

Look at this screenshot of one of the Buzzoid reviews on the Trustpilot website to see how hazardous it is. The customer complained about getting false followers and not getting a response back!

Buzziod review Trustpilot
Buzziod review Trustpilot

Yet, if you don’t have a clue about the features it offers, don’t worry. Just keep reading our Buzzoid review here.

What Buzzoid Offers

Next, you must know what the service you want to purchase has to offer. Buzzoid offers various packages, differing in cost and quantity, and claims to help you to improve your interaction instantly through buying followers, likes, and views! 

We believe buying followers and likes can’t increase your engagement rate. Instead, it can harm your reputation because of the ghost followers that it delivers. Genuine Instagram growth companies, like AiGrow, never offer you to buy followers and likes. 

They grow your Instagram organically using their human-based team.

In general, Buzziod promises:

  • Only Real Users
  • Instant Delivery of Buzzoid Followers & Likes

This tool tries to stand out with its design and ease of purchase. Besides, it claims that it has had over 1,000,000 satisfied customers, with more than a decade of expertise in social media promotion. However, it doesn’t offer a free plan. However, you shouldn’t let yourself be misled by these things. Continue reading to find out why.

As shown in the screenshot below, after clicking the signup button, you should select a package and pay!

Buzzoid signup
Buzzoid signup

So, let’s get into more details regarding the services, shall we?!

Buzzoid Features 

If you head over to their website, you’ll see that Buzzoid has three significant features that users can purchase separately. And we have to stress this again: separately. They don’t come in a bundle offer. If you need to use any of the features below, you’ll have to pay an amount every time. 

Buzzoid services
Buzzoid services

Buzzoid Instagram Followers

The most popular service of Buzzoid is buying Instagram followers. They claim to send real Instagrammers who are genuinely interested in your content. In other words, they promise to attract your Instagram target audience based on your niche and needs.

But you may wonder, using Buzzoid, how long do followers stay on your account? If you buy followers, there is always the suspicion of using dangerous bots. Additionally, those followers delivered to your account instantly may be decreased at the same speed.

According to one of the Buzziod reviews that can be seen on the Sitejabber website, the evidence is there for all to see.

Buzzoid reviews  on the Sitejabber
Buzzoid reviews on the Sitejabber

So why not use services like AiGrow that offer you a comprehensive dashboard that includes many features to increase your followers according to Instagram guidelines? 

Additionally, after using Buzzoid, you may need to unfollow those followers that don’t have pictures or have inappropriate content! AiGrow offers you a mass unfollow tool that makes your work easy! Scroll down to get to know this magic tool; AiGrow.

Buzzoid, often written as Buzoid, provides users with packages that let them purchase between 100 and 5,000 followers. Also, based on what users have reported, it takes a few hours to get started.

Buzzoid Viewers

What Buzzoid offers is that you can buy various quantities of Instagram video views. You can measure the views to correspond with when you upload a new post. So if you want to get Instagram views, Buzzoid can do that for you. But is it worth only increasing the amount of views?

The high number of Instagram viewers on IGTVs, stories, and feed videos can be an indicator of your success. But let’s not forget that your main aim should be to turn your Instagram followers into customers or loyal fans. Otherwise, the numbers won’t do you any good!

Buzzoid Instagram Likes

On Buzzoid, you can  get  as many likes as you require, from 50 to 10,000 likes per purchase. Also, you can divide likes among different posts. Moreover, it can be done immediately or spread out over time.

Be aware, though, that it is not a smart idea to gain likes that do not match the number of people that follow you. Why, then, would you want to buy likes separately and perhaps damage your public image?

How Buzzoid Works

Using Buzzoid is not a complicated process. To put it another way, you just need to sign up and pay! But, unfortunately, you are not able to see their dashboard unless you draw bucks to their account. 

To get started with this service, you need to:

  1. First, go to
  2. Pick a package of Buzzoid Instagram followers and likes you desire to purchase.
  3. Then, enter your Instagram username and email.
  4. Provide billing information.
  5. Finally, make your payment via Visa or MasterCard.

After taking these steps, you’ll receive the order within 24 hours.

Buzzoid Pricing 

Buzzoid’s pricing for its packages varies. For Instagram high-quality likes, you will be charged anywhere between $1.47(for 50 likes) and $88.99 (for 10000 Buzzoid likes). Yet, for the premium IG likes package, it’s between $3.49 and $19.99(for 500 likes).

Buzzoid  likes plans
Buzzoid likes plans

As for Buzzoid followers, you need to pay between $2.97(for 100 followers) and $39.99(for 5000 followers) for the high-quality package. In the premium package, the numbers look a bit different, ranging from $11.99 to $84.99.

Buzzoid followers pricing
Buzzoid followers pricing

Buzzoid’s pricing for viewers seems more reasonable as you need to spend between $2.21 for 500 views and $74.99 for 50000 views. Getting 50000 Buzziod views may be enticing, but it should correspond to the number of followers, so does someone with that many followers need to buy phony views?

Buzzoid viewers cost
Buzzoid viewers cost

So, if you want to enhance your engagement among your viewers as well as your followers and likes, it’s best to employ an organic growth tool like AiGrow, which helps you manage all aspects of your Instagram account with the help of Instagram specialists.

Buzzoid Analytics

Unfortunately, Buzzoid does not provide its users with any analyzing feature. So if you want to analyze your account after buying followers, views, or likes, you must use Instagram insights if you have an Instagram business account or a third-party app like AiGrow.

 Buzzoid Reviews

You might have searched for Buzziod or Buzzoid on the internet and found their website. In this case, you have come across what Buzzoid claims to be real reviews from their clients. Of course, all these comments, if they’re from genuine customers, mainly revolve around the positive points. 

Reviews on the Buzzoid website
Reviews on the Buzzoid website

Yet, we can’t just stand around and take their word for it! For our review to be thorough and trustworthy, let’s check out other reliable sources and see what real users think of Buzzoid and its services.

Buzzoid Instagram Followers Review

Having investigated all aspects of this tool, we came to the conclusion that Buzzoid delivers fast but fake followers. Many real clients of this agency are frustrated because they wanted to get real IG followers while they only received fake bots and ghost followers!

A case in point is this Buzzoid followers’ review left by a disappointed customer who hasn’t seen favorable results!

Buzziod review from a client
Buzziod review from a client

As already explained, the followers’ packages differ based on the quality. Yet, Buzzoid promises to deliver a real, engaged audience in both plans. However, many customers have noticed that there’s no difference between purchasing a high-quality package or a premium one. Either case, inactive bots will flood your page. This is why many users have called Buzzoid a scam.

Buzzoid premium package review
Buzzoid premium package review

In such cases, Instagram will start banning those accounts and yours. So, one day, you’ll wake up and realize you’re losing several IG followers or that your account with all its valuable content, is simply gone!

In our new examination of the Trustpilot website, there are no reviews for Buzzoid anymore because they identified this tool as a bad fit! However, you can find Buzziod reviews on this site with this incorrect wording.

So, if you’re indeed looking for potential customers and true fans, you can’t count on Buzzoid or any platform that lets you purchase followers! 

Buzzoid Instagram Likes Review

As mentioned previously, on Buzzoid, buying likes is a choice! However, how did this purchase turn out for those who dared to try it?!

Multiple Buzzoid reviews point out the fact that the purchased likes will be worthless. Buzzoid followers and likes are unfortunately from inactive pages and will provide no value for your content. 

customer opinion on Buzzoid likes
Customer opinion on Buzzoid likes

Such actions might even get you shadowbanned by Instagram. So, it’s best to listen to reason and avoid buying likes!

Buzzoid: Final Verdict

Based on user reviews, we can say that the cons weigh more than the pros. But, don’t take our word for it! Read on to find out why we have formed this opinion.

Is Buzzoid Legit?

According to Instagram terms of use, any middling of a third-party app violates its policies. In a nutshell, it may cause your account to get shadowbanned on the platform, and all your efforts will be gone with the wind overnight. Therefore, you may face Instagram resetting followers.

However, for those who ask if Buzzoid is a scam, allow us to make it clear that Buzzoid does deliver the purchased items. And this tool performs instantly. So, it’s not a scam. Yet, because the followers, likes, and views are of low quality, they can’t fulfill your needs or bring about real engagement.

Buzzoid Pros

  • Secure payment gateways
  • No password is required

Buzzoid Cons

  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Bad Trustpilot reviews
  • No phone support
  • Not organic growth
  • Too fast (may endanger your account because of crossing Instagram’s daily limits)
  • Many buyers have complained about losing their followers drastically and they are “scammed” out of their money. So they say it’s not worth it. 

As you can see, the reviews are not in favor of Buzzoid. In this atmosphere where even this service is not safe and robust enough, what can we trust?!

We’d like to recommend an affordable managed growth service that manually performs the tasks.

AiGrow: The Best Buzzoid Alternative

After reading Buzzoid reviews, it is necessary to be aware of a substitute that enables users to increase their following organically. A professional service that pays attention to the client’s demands and is prepared to address their issues. AiGrow is here to do so.


Now, let’s compare Buzzoid with this service that provides users with an organic growth process. Therefore, let’s read about AiGrow reviews

Before getting through more details, watch this video to get an idea of the AiGrow users’ experiences:

AiGrow testimonials

What AiGrow Offers

AiGrow is the most effective and safe Instagram Growth Service available on the market. It owns a VIP growth service. Indeed, the AiGrow growth process will grow real followers according to your niche. So it will result in high credibility and brand reach. No bots or fake followers!

The great news is that it will put a team of professional Instagram managers in charge of your organic growth. So, whether you’re looking for a safe unfollowers app or a scheduler with efficient growth tools, AiGrow can satisfy you! 

Plus, it has a unique feature that allows you to manage your dashboard from your mobile and PC (Windows & Mac)!

How AiGrow Works

If you choose to go with their VIP plan, a group of Instagram account managers specializing in IG growth methods will track your growth performance and directly interact with your followers in accordance with Instagram’s daily limits. Moreover, these experts actively come up with creative plans and ideas to make sure your account is always gaining organic followers. 

Therefore, you don’t need to buy followers, likes, or views. Indeed, your account manager interacts with your fans, leaves comments, and likes their posts manually. We believe it is the most robust growth service on the market and the best app to gain followers on Instagram.

AiGrow growth tool
AiGrow growth tool

To begin your growth experience on Instagram, go through the steps below:

  • Sign up for AiGrow.
  • Select ‘Manage.’
  • Click on ‘Growth.’
  • Next, choose your targets and programs.
  • Then, schedule your desired plan.
  • Lastly, optimize your Instagram Growth.

AiGrow lets you target followers based on their hashtags, location, and the accounts they follow. What’s even more interesting is that an expert growth manager is assigned to you in a VIP plan. The person will assess your account’s performance and begins to use new ways to get followers on Instagram.

So you can understand that AiGrow employs the organic method to increase your account’s following count. And we don’t need to tell you how valuable this is. You’ll gain real followers with zero risk of getting penalized by Instagram.

AiGrow VIP Growth Features

Here are some of the VIP-Managed packages of AiGrow:

  • 300+ New Followers/Month
  • AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, and Locations Research
  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking
  • Dedicated Account Manager; 10 hours/month
  • Unlimited Use of Features
  • Priority 24×7 Support
  • Safe & Secure

Also, by paying $126 monthly, you can savor boosting your Instagram fast and securely with this package.

AiGrow packages
AiGrow packages

So, what are you waiting for?  

Don’t miss out on AiGrow’s awesome features and sign up for free right now!

AiGrow Other Features

AiGrow also comes with a number of other features. Using it, you will be able to manage every part of your Instagram account. All of the functionality may be seen in the screenshot down below.

AiGrow features
AiGrow features

As you notice in the picture, it is not only a growth service or just a brand with promises. However, it provides you with numerous features, like:

Considering all the above features, using AiGrow, you’ll feed many birds with one spoon.

Get immediate access to AiGrow now to use all its effective tools!

Buzzoid Vs. AiGrow

Finally, it’s time to compare Buzzoid and AiGrow and review their features to gain better insights into these services. To do so, we have made a table about their features. Check the table below to get a general idea about the two services.

Features BuzzoidAiGrow 
AI-powered technology 
Organic, human-based growth method. No bots, spam, or fake followers
Buy followers, likes, views
Hashtag generator tool
Advanced filtering & targeting options
Growth with influencer marketing
Instagram analytics & social monitoring tools
Managed growth plans
Support in developing your Instagram content strategy
An experienced account manager will take care of your Instagram account (Manual Growth)
24/7 Support
No password required
Viewing Insta stories
The number of followers and success guaranteed
Content design template (feed/stories)
Scheduling Tool
Multiple links in bio
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram Mass unfollow tool
Analysis Tool
Mass DM marketing
Giveaway & contest picker
Fast delivery of services
Trustpilot Score deleted4.7 
Buzzoid Vs. AiGrow

FAQs on BuzzOid Review

We have tried our best to address all your concerns. Yet, there are other common questions we have decided to answer to clarify every detail!

1- How Long Does Buzzoid Take To Deliver Followers?

Buzzoid, misspelled as Buzziod, claims to deliver your followers as quickly as possible. Yet, the process may take 24-48 hours. Some clients have experienced a faster speed as they received the purchased number within minutes. 

You might think that this super-fast gain is excellent but you need to consider that it can be a dealbreaker! This immediate response means that the followers are ready-made bots and not real Instagrammers. Plus, Instagram will get suspicious about this sudden increase. 

2- Is Buzzoid Com The Same As Buzzoid.Net?

They are two different websites under the same name. Since they provide similar services and enable you to purchase likes, views, and followers in a short time, they can be easily mistaken!

What distinguishes is that the website looks better which can be an indicator of safety. Plus, almost all reviews found on relevant websites are about Buzzoid com.

However, their similarity lies in the fact that we need to make a purchase for likes and followers. And, there’s no talk of a real manager. So, naturally, if you buy followers from either website, you’d be fooling yourself since there’ll be no real interaction. 

3- How Can I Get A Buzzoid Free Trial?

A free trial is an excellent way to drive more customers and build trust. Yet, there’s no news of a Buzzoid free trial on the website. That is, if you want to test their services, you will have to pay!

If you’re indeed determined to give this service a try, we highly recommend that you start with small steps. That is, buy a small number of followers or likes and check the accounts pouring into your page. If they have 0 posts and followers, there’s a high chance that they’re fake. So, don’t refill your order!

4- Can I Buy TikTok Followers On Buzzoid?

There’s no shame in wanting to increase your TikTok followers! In fact, your TikTok fans can work miracles for your brand awareness on IG and other social media. Yet, Buzzoid doesn’t enable you to buy TikTok followers. 

And even if they did, they wouldn’t be your best choice! As we have already emphasized, Buzzoid Instagram likes and followers are unfortunately fake and won’t help at all. We can only assume that their TikTok followers would be as bad!

Bottom Line

All the marketing specialists and couches advise managers to avoid buying followers and put a red cross on them. That is exactly what we want to ask you in this Buzzoid review! Try to boost your followers organically by using the best strategies instead of investing in services like Buzzoid. Then, your followers turn into your loyal customers instantly. 

I hope this article could help you make the best choice. Please, leave us a comment if you have tried Buzzoid or AiGrow and let us know about your experience. 

If you want a growth tool, don’t waste your precious time and start your journey with AiGrow.

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