Should You Buy Instagram Followers in 2021?

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Instagram now has over a billion users. While that’s great for Instagram, such a large user pool has made it more difficult for Instagram users to build their own following. So that has got a lot of people thinking about buying Instagram followers.

This is because one of the main reasons that people follow a specific user is because that person offers something unique.

However, the more people that join and use Instagram, the more difficult it becomes to offer something unique. Whereas in the early days of Instagram you might have uploaded content that no one else was uploading, now there might be hundreds of people uploading that same type of content.

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Why follow your page when you could follow ten other people uploading the same type of content?

Not only that, but it’s also harder to get your content in front of people who care enough about it to follow you.

That’s because with more Instagram users comes not only more Instagram hashtags, but also more posts for those hashtags as well. Ranking as a Top Post for your hashtag and getting your posts in front of your target audience was much easier earlier in Instagram lifetime. This is because there were less people using each hashtag, which translated to less competition.

Now, you might be competing with tens, if not hundreds of millions of people all trying to rank as a Top Post for a specific hashtag.

For example, #dog on Instagram has over 220 million posts alone!

The sad thing is that while it’s become harder to grow a following on Instagram, follower count is still as important as ever.

Be it brands, friends, media outlets, or any other entity on earth, generally speaking, a high number of followers still translates to a high-quality and trustworthy image.

So how are people overcoming the mounting difficulty of building a large following in a billion+ strong user pool? Enter the urge to buy Instagram followers.

Why you likely want to buy Instagram followers

You likely want to buy Instagram followers for at least one of following reasons:

  • get sponsored by brands and get paid/free products on Instagram
  • promote your work
  • build a fanbase

With these reasons in mind, now let’s look at what you get when you buy Instagram followers.

Here’s an example from a real buy Instagram followers service called Buzzoid:

buy followers buzzoid

There’s no indication of the kind of followers you get or whether they’re real or fake. The only description of the followers you get is:

buzzoid followers

When you buy followers from a service like this, there’s a good chance that the followers are neither real nor related to your niche.

Now let’s take that and relate it back to the reasons why you want to buy Instagram followers in the first place.

Get sponsored by brands and get paid/free products on Instagram

To get sponsored by a brand on Instagram, you have to first build a following that is likely to also like the brand that is sponsoring you.

For example, if you’re trying to get sponsored by a fitness brand, then you first have to build a following that is interested in fitness.

This is so that when the fitness brand sponsors you and begins paying you to advertise their products to your followers, there’s a good chance that your followers will actually be interested enough to buy the fitness sponsor’s products.

If your goal is to get sponsored by a fitness brand but the majority of your followers aren’t interested in fitness, then you’re wasting your time. Why would a fitness brand pay someone to advertise fitness products to a bunch of people who aren’t interested in fitness?

Regardless of what your niche is, when you buy a bunch of Instagram followers that aren’t focused in your niche, you’re not any closer to getting sponsored on Instagram.

Promote your work

Similar to getting sponsored on Instagram, promoting your work on Instagram only works if the people you’re promoting to (i.e. your followers) are interested in what you’re promoting.

When you buy untargeted Instagram followers, as talented as you might be, there’s a good chance that those random followers won’t be interested in what you’re promoting.

The same goes if you are advertising an ecommerce store on Instagram.

Buying Instagram followers isn’t going to help you sell more products on Instagram if the followers you’re buying aren’t interested in the products you’re selling.

Build a fanbase

If you’re a performer, author, photographer, comedian, or any other kind of artist wanting to build a fanbase on Instagram, then you need to connect with and gain followers who genuinely appreciate your art and follow you because of it.

When you have a legit Instagram fanbase, you can learn feedback, promote performance/tour dates, sell your work, and interact with your fans.

A fake fanbase made out of purchased followers who don’t care what you do, on the other hand, is a complete waste of time.

When you buy Instagram followers, there’s no feedback to learn, no real people to promote to, no fans to sell your work to, and no engagement with people who appreciate what you do.

So as you see, buying Instagram followers is not the answer to growing on Instagram. but what is? there are some services offering organic growth in the number of followers. one of which is AiGrow.