Brands Using Instagram Direct Message for Marketing

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Instagram Direct Message is emerging as a top tool for brand marketers to create a unique connection with their audience. Instagram DMs make the personalized emails seem obsolete.

Instead of emailing potential customers with spammy outreach messages, Instagram Direct Message allows you send private, individualized messages which can be customized to meet the personal standards of your brand. Using automated services like DMpro, this ability is even more pronounced.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top names that have already implemented Instagram Direct Message into their marketing strategies.

Hyatt’s holiday

The Hyatt’s festival has attracted the attention of many user Instagram followers by including their customized hashtags in the direct messages enabling fans to scroll through their branded content. The brand also held promotions that required followers to tap simple call to actions buttons to get rewards.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian fashion used the #KKDirect hashtag, one of the more famous hashtags used in more than 4,400 posts with an impressive engagement rate to back it up. The Kardashian applied the tag to share exclusive photos to fifteen of her followers via direct message. Followers then had to repost the hashtags.

The uniqueness of the Kardashian Kollection is its ability to turn the vast number of followers into insiders.

Michael Kors

Although the Kors account is not in a hurry to post, it builds buzz through such promos as announcing to give out gifts to 50 of its followers the next day. Kors sends direct messages informing its fans to post pics and tag them using the hashtag #MKDirect.

Although the number of awards given out is few, the possibility for reward results in widespread participation and engagement.

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