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Note: If you are not interested in the details and do not need a tutorial, start using the best Instagram management service here (1 week Free Trial + Guide Tour).

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, many users desire to get real active followers on Instagram. Active followers bring you more Instagram engagement, and more engagement attracts more attention, which equals revenue. If you are too busy with your own business and don’t have enough time to run your Instagram account professionally, then don’t worry! Just hire an Instagram accounts manager, pay them a little monthly. And make your profit double. So, if you want to know more about why an Instagram page manager is necessary for 2021, you can read our previous articles.

The point is, who is that Instagram accounts manager to help you double up your revenue? Is a bot enough to boost your engagement? Or do you need a real expert who acts as a virtual assistant to do that for you? How can you trust them and give your Instagram account to them?

Let’s find the answer to all these questions and review the best Instagram management services in 2021. 

Instagram Managing Methods for Safe and Organic Growth on Instagram

Basically, everyone thinks that there are two main strategies to manage Instagram accounts.

In the first method, people hire Instagram account managers, tell them their goals, pay them, and wait for the results. 

Using the second strategy, users try to manage their Instagram accounts on their own. This approach uses various Instagram bots, apps, tools, ideas, or even innovative designs to optimize their Instagram account and grow manually. 

But there is a third way to manage your Instagram account, which leads to the best results. In this method, Instagram users get a professional Instagram management service, a mixture of both methods. We’ll talk about all the methods in the following.

In the following, we’ll discuss all the things about this method and the best websites and apps that offer it:

Best Instagram Accounts Manager- Combination of Experts, Apps, and Bots

Some management services in the marketplace provide you with useful Instagram tools and a team of Instagram specialists to manage your account professionally. While some of these Instagram account management services combine bots and specialists, others have managed Instagram plans, including extra functional features. Not only a great experienced team of humans will grow your followers and drive massive engagement to your Instagram account, but also you have the ability to control special events on your Instagram account on your own. 

Here’s the best management service with the mentioned features:

AiGrow – All in One – Safe and Smart Instagram Accounts Manager

AiGrow, the best Instagram account manager

If you are looking for a managed Instagram growth, AiGrow can be a great choice for you. Actually, this amazing growth tool has a complete package of features that helps you turn into an intellectual Instagrammer. Using this tool, you can also:

And more. But here, we want to focus on the growth service, which hires a professional Instagram account manager for you. Yes! This is not a bot. And you’ll never get shadowbanned. So, let’s find out more about it.

As you may know, Instagram has set some strict limitations to prevent bots from having activities on Instagram. So, using bots and fake followers may not work anymore, especially in 2021. In this case, AiGrow’s plans are combinations of human Instagram experts and auxiliary Instagram tools that drive the best organic engagement to your page. No Bots. Not Buying Followers. No Frauds. No Fake Numbers. And No misleading Stats about your engagement. A real deal indeed!

What guarantees your organic growth is that AiGrow’s team doesn’t have any pre-arranged followers. Completely reverse, they attract many active followers by designing and publishing high-quality content on your account. In this way, they use the latest Instagram solutions to achieve the best results.

The Exciting Part about AiGrow’s Instagram Page Managers

The best part with AiGrow is that it’s not only about managing your Instagram account for one month, for example. We’ve found feedback is crucial to AiGrow. This platform tries to build an Instagram page with the highest quality, continuous growth, and exponential engagement. Therefore, compared to other Instagram account managers, you don’t need to worry about finishing AiGrow’s managing period!

How can you hire an Instagram accounts manager on AiGrow?

An amazing thing about AiGrow is that it is straightforward to work with. All you have to do is to sign up for free. Then, follow these steps:

AiGrow Instagram account manager

After starting your growth, you will get a list of Instagram users, like you can see below,  who will potentially become your followers and customers. 

Instagram management services

After tapping on the “Next” button, you will be sent to the upgrade page and have to choose a plan for your growth. Then, the professional Instagram accounts managers will start their work in attracting people to your Instagram account. 

By the way, there are different plans on AiGrow for upgrading! Which one must you purchase? Let’s see!

Well, AiGrow has a variety of promotional packages for every budget and taste. You can purchase three types of plans:

1- Growth Plans

AiGrow Growth plans
AiGrow Growth plans

Using these packages, you will get more real likes on Instagram and get more followers. Additionally, you will be provided with the opportunity to use all their features for free. 

However, we think their best pack is the 6-Month Pro Pack, which helps you get 4000 new targeted followers organically and saves $240. Using these packages, a dedicated Instagram growth manager will engage with your target audience to attract them. In our experience, when the job is done with free registration, it is best first to contact their customer support and ask them for this golden managed package if available. 

These packages are available starting from $99 (for a 12-month pro pack) to $150 (for a single-month purchase). 

AiGrow Packages Banner

2- Scheduler Plans

Another set of plans that AiGrow offers is for Scheduling posts and Stories. As you may know, Instagram does not have an in-build ability to schedule posts or Stories. Here are the Aigrow plans for this feature:

AiGrow Scheduler Plans
AiGrow Scheduler Plans

Don’t forget that AiGrow Scheduler has a special additional feature! You can add an external link to all of your feed posts and Stories! So, don’t miss this opportunity to double promote your content!

These plans only cost from $7 to $29 per month, depending on the type of service you want.

3- DM Plans

AiGrow DM Plans
AiGrow DM Plans

These plans help you to manage your Direct Messages and have a smooth connection with your followers!

The plans start from $19 to $75 per month.


To sum it up, Instagram account managers help you by promoting your business on Instagram. Using the best Instagram management services, you can get tons of real active followers and win the marketplace quickly. However, choose a service that combines AI power and human intelligence to perform the best results.

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