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Since Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks in the past few years, more and more brands and agencies join it to use it for their business goals. Actually, Instagram is a good tool to grow eCommerce and the marketplace. By the way, one of the biggest goals of each account is to appear on Instagram explore page to gain more attractions. However, you have to care about so many factors and do your best to appear on this page. 

One of the easiest ways to appear on the Instagram explore page is to use Instagram engagement pods. This tool helps you to speed up the process and get better results in a shorter time. But other factors are also important. So, in the following article, we describe how to appear on this page. Moreover, we go to know what the explore page is and why it is important. Stay tuned 😉 

What is The Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram explore page

The Instagram explore page is a place where the most liked and popular posts appear when you visit it. Actually, you can see the posts that are mostly liked by people you follow, users who you have liked their posts, and the posts related to your interest. Hence, you can find out more posts you like to see on this page. 

Actually, in the beginning, this page was different from the version you see right now. It just showed the most popular posts that appeared on Instagram. But now, the explore page is curated by you and shows posts you may be interested in. Today, Instagram engines are using artificial intelligence. Hence, what you see is a collection of photos, videos, stories, and IGTV videos aggregated by your personal Instagram activity. So, you can see the products, tutorials, and posts that are found depending on what you have done on Instagram. 

But why is it important for business accounts to appear on Instagram explore page? Let’s find out!

Why You Should Appear on Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram explore page

In the previous part, we found that people use the Instagram explore page to discover new and relevant content and find the products or services they want. But how does it help business account owners? 

Actually, if you are running a business on Instagram, you need to increase your engagement rate to gain more followers and attractions. Appearing on the explore page helps you in many ways. For instance:

  • More users will discover your posts or stories, and this increases the probability of getting new followers, 
  • More users will surf your content and you receive a wider range of viewers, 
  • More people discuss your content, hence you receive more comments and engagements.

So, all in all, the explore page helps you with increasing Instagram followers and engagement.

How To Appear on Instagram Explore Page?

As mentioned before, there are so many factors affecting the appearance of your content on the Instagram engagement rate. For instance, the quality of photos and videos you share, the number of times you post, the number of followers, likes and comments, and the type of content you share have an indispensable impact. However, besides caring about all these simple rules, you must do more essential tasks to speed up the process and get the wanted result as fast as possible. In the following, we introduce some of these points. So, if you are concerned about appearing on the Instagram explore page, keep reading. 

#1 Share High-Quality Content

Instagram explore page

The very first point you must care about is the quality of content you share on Instagram. If you open your Instagram right now and open the explore page, soon you mention that all content out there have extremely good qualities. Hence, you must try to produce and repost well-edited and high-quality images. By the way, taking amazing shots, editing the photos and videos, and also cropping them in the exact dimensions set by Instagram takes a lot of time. Moreover, most of the good content editors are available on the desktop. However, Instagram doesn’t let users post using the Instagram web version. So, what can you do? 

Luckily, AiGrow can help you with this issue. Actually, AiGrow is an Instagram Marketing platform with a complete package of features that can ensure your success on Instagram. On their Pro-Managed package, They offer a hands-off management service including content creation. Manual growth activities, a professional scheduler, link-in-Bio tool, and DM automation tool, all for as low as 103$ per month.

Instagram explore page

Here is how to use this tool:

#2 Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Instagram explore page

Finding the best time to post on Instagram is one of the most important factors you must care about. Actually, if you use analytics you can see that at some specific times you are receiving more traffic to your Instagram account. 

By analyzing your results on Instagram, you see that most of your followers are online at a specific time. So, you can intellectually use this fact and post at the time that more followers are online. In this way, you will gain more attractions. Hence, your engagement rate grows and you have more chances to appear on Instagram explore page. But how can you do that? 

Fortunately, an Instagram scheduling app can help you with this problem. Instagram schedulers are platforms that let you find the best time to post on Instagram, set a date and time and automatically share the posts at the time schedules. So, if the best time to post on Instagram for your business is when you are too busy, these platforms can help you avoid forgetting to post and save time

Luckily, AiSchedul is the best scheduler you can find and it lets you to also:

  • Repost content
  • Create posts and stories
  • Post simultaneously on multiple accounts 
  • Auto-respond comments 

And much more than this. So, open their website right now and sign up for free.

#3 Know Your Audience Using Analytics


An important step you must take to get your way on the Instagram explore page is to know your audiences and their interests and predict their reaction. Fortunately, there are so many tools out there that will help you to know these things better. But what are these tools? 

Actually, to know your audiences, you can use analytics. Analytics will help you to know:

  • Your evergreen posts, 
  • The type of posts your followers prefer to see, 
  • The best time to post on Instagram

And so many other things. Hence, knowing your followers helps you to achieve your goals way faster. 

#4 Use Instagram Engagement Pods

The more attractions your post receives, the more probability to appear on Instagram explore page! So, an essential thing you should do is to grow your Instagram engagement rate. However, growing on Instagram takes a lot of time. So, it is better to use the reliable Instagram engagement pods available. You can see one of the best engagement pods you can use to do so in the following. 


The best Instagram engagement pod you can use is AiGrow. This Instagram management platform has a complete package of fruitful tools such as a growth engine, IG scheduler, and also a DM manager that helps you promote your Instagram. However, the best tool that AiGrow offers is Instagram Engagement Groups, also known as pods.

Instagram explore page

Pods are groups created by Instagram users on different social media websites and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram direct messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram. In these pods, all members have similar Instagram account type. For example, those who are interested or work in fashion might join the relative telegram groups. When a member publishes a post on IG, the other embers help to increase the post engagement rate by liking or sending comments.

So, using pods you can receive real Instagram attractions from real people and actually exchange interactions. Hence, using them you can make sure that your post will appear on Instagram explore page. 

#5 Interact With Your Followers and Ask them for Interaction


Another way to guarantee your success on appearing on the Instagram explore page is to have more interactions with your followers and ask them for interactions. For instance, you can ask followers to share your posts with their friends, repost them on their own accounts, direct your posts, comment and tag them and other ways you know. Moreover, in your IG stories you can use questions, votes, and polls, and other features available to receive more interactions. 

But how can you ask them for interactions? You can simply run Instagram giveaways and contests. In addition, you can have conversations with your followers on comments. Therefore, your engagement rate increases and this leads to success!

#6 Use Location Tags and Hashtags


One other thing you can think of is to use HashTags and also location Tags. Actually, Instagram artificial intelligence engines try to show people posts that are not only related, but also are accessible. This means that when you like posts showing shoppable products from a country, Instagram shows you more posts from that country and also your location. So, using location tags you can attract people that are near you! 

And also Hashtags are one of the things that these engines use to find relative posts. On Instagram, HashTags are keywords helping you find posts you like by searching those words. Moreover, you can use them to let people find your posts and interact with them. So, do not forget them. 


To sum it up, appearing on the Instagram explore page helps you gain more followers and attract more potential customers. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to appear on this page. For example, you can use hashtags, location tags, interact with followers, run Instagram giveaways and other things. By the way, Instagram engagement pods can be pretended as the most important thing you can use. Fortunately, AiGrow offers amazing and workable pods that will speed up the process and help you to achieve your goals. So, open their website right now and sign up for free.

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